From 5 to 11 pm every Friday and Saturday night, Cuba Street is crowded with all types of people, from families with babies to college students grabbing a bite before they head over to Courtney Place (the going out hub of Wellington).

The markets feature an eclectic mix of cuisines and cultures. Whether you’re craving a bomb burrito or some spicy dumplings, you're in the right place.

We know too many choices can be overwhelming so here's our advice on how to navigate the markets and try some of our favorite spots.

Viva Mexico 

Although we were apprehensive to try Mexican food in New Zealand, Viva Mexico succeeds in offering truly authentic burritos and tacos. You really can't go wrong with anything here, but be careful when over-confidently ordering the highest level of spiciness as it might get you into trouble... so we've heard.

In Bloom

This one is for all of those vegans out there. From veggie burgers to raw raspberry chocolate squares, both your tastebuds and waste line will thank you for coming to this delish and nutrish spot.

House of Dumplings

The. Best. Dumplings. EVER. If we had to give one reason to study in Wellington or take a 25-hour flight for a quick visit, it would be to try these dumplings. With both veggie and meat options, this place is a must when visiting the night market.

Chur Bro Churros

Who doesn't love churros? These bros know what they're doing. Add caramel or chocolate sauce for the real deal

The Hot Wafel

Follow the trail of sweet smelling batter and you'll find your way to this delicious little waffle spot.

Pan Man

This place always attracts an audience. With huge skillets of paella sizzling away on the street corner, this traditional Spanish dish fits in with the eclectic mix of cultures and tastes that represents the night market. If you're an adventurous eater, this is a must-try.

Fat Po Boys

If you're missing both America and its hefty portions, head on over and grab this classic Louisiana dish. But be forewarned: this meal is not for the faint-of-heart and may or may not leave you with room for dessert.


We could seriously watch these guys all day. What is typically a popular Chinese breakfast, jianbing is delicious in the morning morning, at noon, and at night. Made with a savoury mung-bean flour batter, this crispy crepe is a bold mix of flavours and textures. With scrambled eggs, bacon, and a heap of fragrant herbs, this is always a hit at the night market. 

Fritz's Wieners

We'll spare you the weiner jokes and just say if you appreciate a good dog, Fritz's do not disappoint. If you're feeling adventurous and really want to get in touch with local New Zealand cuisine, be sure to try the lamb bratwurst.

Mont Foort

These tiny dutch pancakes aren't just adorable, they're insanely delicious, too. Topped with blueberry jam and powdered sugar, this is the perfect dessert to share—or not.

If this doesn't make you wanting (and willing) to hop on the next plane to New Zealand, then I don't know what will. This isn't just a destination for adventure-seekers and hikers, New Zealand also has a buzzing food culture that is equally as thrilling. Come join us at The Night Market and see for yourself!