It is never easy to cut fruit without the bright colored juices splattering all over your clothes. As a fruit lover, I am constantly searching for new methods to open my fruit. In a rush or on the go, these are a few tips and tricks that keep all the fruit in your mouth instead of on the floor.

1. Pomegranates

Sophie Marts

Never fear the bright red juice of the tangy pomegranate. In order to avoid the unforgivable stains, you will need a bowl of water, a knife, and cutting board, a strainer, and a nice ripe pomegranate. Your first task is to cut the outside skin about an inch down, circling all the way around the pomegranate.

Start with one half at a time. Submerge the first half into underneath the water and begin to break apart the outer shell, scraping lightly at the seed to release into the water. The water will begin to turn red. Do not panic. You are on the right track. This happens because the red juice is mixing in with the water instead of flying into your face. Once both pomegranates have been scraped clean of their seeds, you will proceed to the next step.

Sophie Marts

Pour the bowl into a strainer to reveal only the seeds of the fruit. Now they are ready to be eaten, even out of the strainer if you so desire. 

2. Mangoes

juice, apple, pasture, mango
Gabby Quintana

Impress your friends and family and even yourself with this simple trick to prepare your mango in a very fruitful way. The seed of the mango is located in the middle of the mango. Cut on either side of seed, leaving three parts: the right side without a seed, the left side without a seed, and the middle containing the seed. Place the part of the mango with the seed aside. Take one of the halves and cut vertically along the fruit and then horizontally, creating a cube-like pattern. Do the same with the other half of the mango. 

sweet, mango
Gabby Quintana

Push on the outside skin of the mango to turn it inside out. The cubes are now ready to easily be plucked off with your own hands.

3. Kiwis 

cereal, melon, cantaloupe
Gabby Quintana

Kiwis are always a nice treat after a long day, but it seems that their tedious preparation takes away from the enjoyment of the fruit. Instead of making a mess by skinning the fruit, simply cut it in half.

kiwi fruit, juice, sweet
Gabby Quintana

Take a spoon and dig in. 

4. Apples

pasture, cider, sweet, juice, apple
Gabby Quintana

An apple on the go is simple because cutting is not necessary. But if you want slices to dip into peanut butter, there is only one easy way to do it. Flip your apple over.

juice, apple
Gabby Quintana

Cut the apple on both sides of the core. Then repeat this motion going the other way, creating the symbol similar to a tic-tac-toe board.  

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Gabby Quintana

Let the sides of the apple fall. If you want to take the apple on the go, push the pieces back towards the core and place a rubber band around the middle. This will keep the pieces in as you enjoy your individual slices. 

5. Bananas

pasture, banana, vegetable
Gabby Quintana

I was taught as a child to peel the banana from top to bottom, but I guess the main problem was that I did not know which part of the banana was bottom. 

vegetable, apple, banana
Gabby Quintana

Instead of struggling to open it from what most people believe is the top, flip the banana open and squeeze lightly on the end to let it open. This is the way bananas grow from trees, so it makes sense. 

These tricks will allow you eat even more fruit in a quick and fun way. Enjoy the delectable treats knowing that you left little to no mess behind.