Easy Mac is the ideal meal for college students. It's the perfect size, perfect portion, only takes three minutes to make, and if you have plastic utensils, there are no dishes required. 

Classic Easy Mac is convenient, but when you've eaten it every night after going out – and the next day – sometimes you need to spice it up a little (because we all know the going out part is not going to stop). Here is a list of the best additions to mac and cheese, most not requiring an extra utensil other than the spoon you'll eat it with. Or fork, if you like to complicate things. 

1. Barbecue Sauce

Many barbecue restaurants serve mac and cheese, so why not combine one of the best parts of barbecue, the sauce, with one of the best sides? Pour some of that sauce on top of your Easy Mac after you've mixed in the cheese and give your taste buds a party. 

2. Tomatoes

pasture, cherry tomato, cherry, tomato, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

Noodles and cheese are often accompanied with pasta sauce, which is made from tomatoes, so why not cut up some fresh tomatoes and throw them in there? Cherry tomatoes are perfect since they are small already, but any tomato will work. To really mix it up, why not throw some mozzarella or parmesan cheese in there with the tomatoes?

3. Bacon Bits

For those of you who need an explanation for this one, what could be more tasty than adding bacon to noodles and cheese? To make it taste better, cook strips of bacon, cut them up, and toss them in. If you don't feel like cooking and/or dishes, buy a packet of bacon bits and toss them in – no dishes required! 

4 . Breadcrumbs

Every gourmet mac and cheese recipe calls for breadcrumbs dusting the top of the dish, so why not add them to your microwave meal? Get your favorite brand of breadcrumbs, pour some of them in with your mac and cheese, and you have a mini gourmet dish.

5. Hot Sauce

beer, soda, juice, alcohol, hot sauce, liquor, condiment
Stephanie DeVaux

If the idea of throwing a party for your taste buds with the barbecue sauce was enticing, imagine the party if you add hot sauce. Adding hot sauce is like playing that one song literally everyone knows at the party. Everything stops and everyone sings at the top of their lungs for the next three minutes, then they need a break and something to drink while they catch their breath, which could also happen with the addition of hot sauce.

These are some of the easiest and best ways to spice up easy mac. Try these additions in the small, portable container, and if successful, surprise your friends at the next hangout. It looks like that college tuition is good for something!