Holidays present some of the toughest challenges for all of our New Year's resolutions. Both our bodies and our wallets feel the impact of the chocolate-and-jewelry-glorifying Valentine's Day. Date or no date, it's difficult not to indulge on the year's biggest day of love. Here are some ways to stick to your New Year's Resolutions, even on the most indulgent of holidays. 

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Plan Ahead

Leaving gift-buying and event-planning until the last second often results in overspending and over-indulging. If you go into Valentine's Day - or any holiday, for that matter - with a game plan, you're more likely to stick to your budget as well as your health goals. 

If you're planning on spending this Valentine's Day with your special someone, make sure to make any reservations well in advance; not only will this ensure the night goes perfectly, but it will also relieve stress and show your partner how killer you are at planning. Create a budget ahead of time to ensure that all costs - food, hotels, gifts, etc. - stay within an amount that's manageable for you. Remember: Going broke isn't romantic. 

Flying solo? Plan some fun activities to do with friends! After all, love isn't exclusive to couples, and Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to remind anyone in your life how much you care about them. Make sure to iron out the details ahead of time so you and your loved ones can make the most of the day; make meal reservations based around the eating habits of everyone involved, invite friends well in advance, and plan your activities around what you and your guests can afford.

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Think Outside The Box (of Chocolates)

Not everyone needs an excessive amount of candy, and certainly not everyone wants to pay for it.  When deciding what to get that special someone this Valentine's Day, try to swap generic gifts for more personal and heartfelt ones.

Has she mentioned needing something recently? Does he have a new hobby or passion that he's looking to pursue? Even experiences, rather than things, can be great gifts: Take a class together, like one on cooking or dancing or any other activity for two; go to an art museum, or explore another mutual interest; have a picnic somewhere you both love to spend time; the possibilities are endless! And that means that the possibilities for a wallet- and gut-friendly Valentine's Day are too!

The same goes for friends: Instead of spending money on chocolates or flowers for multiple people - which can really add up -  try doing something together that you all enjoy. Yes, money is often involved, but splitting the cost of a shared experience makes it easier on everyone, and it also gives those people perhaps the most valuable gift of all: Your time and attention. 

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Go Homemade

So much money is spent at fancy restaurants on Valentine's Day, and while that's a perfectly good date option, it doesn't fit everyone's lifestyle. If you and your partner have started a new diet, opt to stay in for the night and cook with each other. Learning to cook is a fantastic way to better control what and how much you're eating, and making a meal with your partner brings the two of you together to accomplish a goal. Talk about couple's therapy!

Still want to give candy and chocolates to your friends and family? No problem! Pick simple recipes that require few ingredients so you don't have to spend your entire Valentine's Day budget at the grocery store. Make your treats ahead of time, and jazz them up with homemade decorations for a personal touch. Making your own edible gifts is great for picky eaters or people with specific dietary needs as well; you know each and every ingredient that's going into what you make, so you can be sure that you're giving everyone on your list something they will surely enjoy. 

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Fill The Day

This one is super important, no matter what your relationship status may be this Valentine's Day. Holidays are a great excuse for celebrations, so use it! If your partner is fickle, make a list of options for the day and decide on a few together. That way you'll both get to do exactly what you want without any stress involved. Make sure to incorporate some free activities into the day - a long walk, window shopping, anything can be turned into a romantic experience, even with no money involved. Plus, the more free things you work into your day, the easier it'll be to stay under-budget.

Having a set list of activities will also keep you from straying from your health and wellness goals. Those New Year's resolutions face a tough challenge on Valentine's Day, but knowing where and when you're going to eat - as well as bringing along healthy and tasty snacks wherever the day takes you - will eliminate any spur-of-the-moment food decisions fueled by all of the Valentine's Day candy and treats you're destined to come upon. 

For all the single men and ladies out there, don't think you're excluded! Valentine's Day, and other holidays, can be tough for those spending it alone, and an easy way to avoid this is by filling up your day with fun activities. Treat yo' self to some cheap and healthy indulgences: Go see that movie you've been wanting to see, have a spa day, do whatever you want! Valentine's Day is about love, and what's more important than showing yourself a little love every now and then?

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Remember to Have Fun!

Valentine's Day can be stressful, but if you make an effort to solidify your plans and stick to your goals, it can be an amazing day of celebrating with friends, family, and loved ones.

Don't worry if you're in a new relationship and are trying to impress that special someone; how much money you spend will mean much less to your partner - or anyone, really - than how much thought and consideration you put into the day. Finding innovative ways to spend time with your loved one is a great way to spice up long-standing relationships too!

No matter who you're spending this Valentine's Day with or what you're doing, there are tons of ways to have a great day without stressing over your newly-initiated budget and lifestyle resolutions. Go on and spread the love!

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