Its 3:30 A.M. and you just finished your last episode of Stranger Things. Your stomach begins to growl, and you look into the pitch black darkness of your room. Should you go to sleep or grab something from your kitchen/dorm? The answer 100% of the time will be to put on your fuzzy Ugg slippers and grab something to cure your hunger.

Searching around your kitchen with your eyes barely open, you decide to grab some Nutella and some Oreo's to bring back to bed. But, what if there was something healthier you can eat that you wouldn't regret in the morning?

Here are my top seven reccomendations of healthy alternatives to eat at late night hours.

1. Almond Butter With Apple Slices

sweet, almond butter, apples, Nut butter, almonds, spread, Crunchy
Julia Gilman

Almond butter has been proven to boost your metabolism, and is one of the best alternatives to peanut butter. With its boosted vitamins, minerals, and fiber, almond butter is a much better late night treat compared to peanut butter. Mixed in with freshly cut refrigerated apple slices, it can cure your sweet tooth in a heartbeat.

2.Halo Top Ice Cream (aka a gift from Heaven)

coffee, sweet, syrup, tea
Meredith Davin

While ice cream isn't the best late night snack to have, Halo Top is, in my opinion, the best low-calorie ice cream you can possibly find. With its various flavors, like the epic Chocolate Almond Crunch to the classic Black Cherry, you can never go wrong with Halo Top. Thinking about it now just makes my mouth water.

3. Low-Fat/Fat Free Popcorn

chips, chocolate, potato
Shannon Carney

Low-fat, low calorie popcorn is the cherry on top for having a successful healthy late night. From Boom Chicka Pop to the all time classic Skinny Pop, you can never go wrong with some healthy popcorn. Having some whole grains mixed in with some fiber and antioxidants can help make your late night a little better.

4. Dark Chocolate (sorry boys, but I'm taken for the night)

chocolate, coffee, candy, sweet, milk chocolate, milk
Christin Urso

One of my favorite late night snacks is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a million benefits including a lowering your risk for heart disease, being high in antioxidants, and being good for your cholesterol. My favorite brands of dark chocolate include Ghirardelli intense dark chocolate and Sweet Riot. I can always count on dark chocolate for being my best friend while watching a sad movie.

6. Fresh fruit (with whatever you like)

Addie Christianson

While having fruit at such late hours sounds like such a drag, having your favorite type of fruit mixed in with something special can make your night a little better. Some of my favorite fruity snacks are: bananas with peanut butter, fresh strawberries sprinkled with some Truvia, and cut up apples dipped into dark chocolate. Fruits and nuts of your choosing is also so appetizing. Mixing and matching your favorite fruit selection with something sweet or savory can help you fight your late night craving in one of the best ways possible. Fruit flavored yogurts like Chobani's Greek non-fat, or even fruity smoothies, are also great healthy substitutes to enjoy.

7. Herbal tea

tea, matcha, green tea
Liza Keller

Having tea after a late night studying can help you destress and have a good night's rest. There are so many advantages of herbal tea such as it is less in caffeine, helps protect your bones, and boosts your immune system. Some of my all-time favorite flavors of herbal tea range from Matcha tea to the classic earl grey tea. Other amazing brands I've heard about are Traditional Medicinals, Rishi, and Yogi. Trader Joes also sells organic tea bags like peppermint and moroccan mint.