Imagine this: It's Friday afternoon, and your roommate shows up in a fluster, saying, “So I invited a couple people over tonight… And they’re gonna be hungry.” It’s moments like these that make you want to panic. And let me tell you, having people over can be daunting, even when it’s in the low-pressure atmosphere of a dorm get-together. Having experienced this panic firsthand, I’ve cultivated some quick and easy college party snack ideas to make your last-minute party as painless as possible.

First Things First: Steal From the Dining Hall 

Sayuri Sekimitsu

Take a trip to the Dining Hall and take some snacks back to your room. I normally take apples, oranges, really whatever’s easy to put in my backpack. This will give your guests something to munch on, plus a boosted immune system with all of that Vitamin C. And that, my friends, is a win-win.

Step Two: Hit Up the Vending Machine


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Although they may not be the classiest things ever, the vending machines around campus are staple landmarks. There, you can find easily-shareable snacks like chips, granola bars, candy, pretzels, whatever your heart desires. Plus, you can get your friends to chip in if you make this food-run as a group. 

Step Three: Popcorn is Your Best Friend

Photo by Alex Munsell | Unsplash

alexmunsell on unsplash

It's salty, it's crunchy, it's the perfect thing for your finger-food loving friends. Be sure to keep a stock of microwaveable popcorn in your inventory. When the mood strikes, pop that baby into the microwave, pour it into a bowl, and voilà! It's a food that your friends will love. Most importantly, it's a food that requires minimal effort on your end. What's not to love? 

Last But Not Least: The Drinks

What's a party without a good refreshment? Stock up on some cans of soda ~or even better~ take a couple large jars to your dining hall and go ham at the fountain soda dispenser. Really, the choice is up to you. 

Party Time

You've earned yourself an invitation now that you know the latest on quick and easy college party snacks. Next time your friends want to have a get-together, your place will be the ultimate turning-up destination.