Whether you're a beginner or have a passion for cooking, a spiralizer is a must have amongst your cooking tools. As food enthusiasts, we love pasta: mac and cheese, shrimp alfredo, and many more carb-heavy dishes we have grown to adore. Visualize eating these dishes without the calories that come with enjoying pasta. Learn how to zoodle to replace the pasta with carb-free, curly zucchini

1: Choose a Spiralizer 

Buying pre-made zoodles can become an expensive habit. Head down the aisle to pick up some fresh zucchini at a cheap cost and have fun making them yourself. 

Tip: Start a garden to have zucchini in your own backyard. 

Spiralizers may sound fancy, but I recommend the Oxo GOOD GRIPS Spiralizer. The utensil allows you to spiralize fruits and vegetables into a choice of three shapes: spaghetti, fettuccine, or ribbon spirals. At one, cheap price, you can save your wallet by creating as many zoodles as you can enjoy on your own. 

2. Attach the Zucchini 

Place the zucchini onto the sharp teeth of the spiralizer. No need for time-consuming prep: cutting ends and peeling! Turn the rotating handle and become amazed by the curly "zoodles" falling at the end.

Rachel Owens

Tip: Don't limit yourself to one vegetable. Yellow squash and sweet potato will work too!

Recipe to Try - Zoodle Shrimp Scampi

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Jackie Behar