I am guilty for risking my health by eating foods that are past their sell-by date. Basically, if it is only a handful of days past it and it does not smell rotten, I will risk it. When it came to Greek yogurt, I would push it a little further because it is essentially just old milk. I then decided it was time to quit my daredevil ways and actually look up "How to tell if greek yogurt has gone bad?" Apparently, Greek yogurt does go bad, but not as quickly as you think.

With most foods, your eyes are your best friends for determining if your food is safe to eat. To tell if your Chobani is now a No-bani check the amount of liquid on top of the yogurt, any signs of mold growing, and the shelf life compared to the sell-by date.

Surface Liquid

Some liquid on top of your yogurt is normal. In fact, that liquid is full of nutrients that you are meant to mix in with the yogurt before eating. But if you have an entire pond on top of the yogurt, then the nutrients are no more and it is time to toss it.


This seems self-explanatory, but if there is mold growing on top of your yogurt, or on any food actually, it is definitely time to make a grocery run. Seriously, do not risk it if there is mold growing.

Shelf Life

Comparing the shelf life of yogurt with the sell-by date can give you a good estimate of if it is safe to eat. Greek yogurt can last up to two weeks in the fridge, but it can last up to two months in the freezer. Putting your yogurt in the freezer is the college-kid trick for cheap fro-yo. With most foods, the freezer is your best friend, and it will keep your yogurt cold until lunch.

These three signs will help you tell if Greek yogurt has gone bad so you can go stock up on all the new flavor of Greek yogurt flips. Yogurt is a fairly industrial dairy food since it lasts longer than expected, but you should not risk it too much. If it is only a few days past the sell-by date you should be in the clear, but look for these signs if it has been a good while since you bought it. If the end of your yogurt's days are drawing near, check here for some cool ways to use it up.