With a month of school under our belt, that means it's time for the most anticipated time of the year: football season. There's nothing better than seeing the sea of black and gold swarm Kinnick Stadium on game day. Hawkeye football isn't just a sport here at Iowa, it's a religion.  

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Emily Weaver

Professors end Friday classes with a "Go Hawks!" chant and football rankings are the first thing posted on the chalkboards as you walk in Monday morning. The intersection of Clinton Street and Iowa Avenue, the heart of campus, is chalked with the tigerhawk logo.

We wake up at 6 am and proudly sing the lyrics of AC/DC's "Back in Black" for this, so you know it's legit. If you want to know how us Hawkeyes tailgate on game day, read below.

The Wake Up Call

Where your roommates blast AC/DC's "Back in Black" to wake up the house and the first beer is opened. 

The Breakfast of Champions 

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Emily Weaver

Nothing says good morning like mimosas and omelets garnished with avocado. But don't forget to throw some cinnamon rolls in the oven to get some carbs in you for your full day of drinking ahead.

Picking Out Your Game Day Outfit 

Emily Weaver

Black and gold consumes your wardrobe if you're a Hawkeye. We like to deck out from head-to-toe with items ranging from face stickers to Iowa embroidered socks. You can spot a Hawkeye from a mile away thanks to our beautiful bibs (paired with a fanny pack for your convenience).

The Pregame

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Emily Weaver

Before heading off to the main event (and I'm not talking about the game), you have to pregame. This is where you get to show off your competitive side with some games. Beer pong, flip cup, boom cup, cornhole toss, keg stands—you name it, we play it. 

Melrose Avenue

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Emily Weaver

Welcome to the main event: Melrose Avenue. Lined with older houses rented out by students and families to provide a street full of beer showers and enough Keystone and Busch Light to last you a lifetime.

#SpoonTip: Wear white shoes at your own risk.

Food Truck Pit Stop

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Emily Weaver

We don't know if it's because we've been drinking all morning or because they're just that delicious, but the food trucks that hug the curb facing Kinnick Stadium cook up some of the best chicken fingers and street tacos we've ever had. You can even purchase a turkey leg the size of a football, if that's what you desire. 

Game Time

Emily Weaver

I-O-W-A! Nothing beats game day in historic Kinnick Stadium. Splashed in black and gold and Iowa pride, you can taste the excitement among the fans. We feel bad for those of you who don't go to our school but we look forward to beating you on the field. Go Hawks!