Comprehensive exams, better known as comps, can be equated to the top of a rocky and very tall mountain summit. Your entire college career has led up to this test for your major, and it can seem very daunting to prepare for. Luckily, people have been there, done that. Here's some advice on how to survive comps, according to college seniors. 

Senior: Grace Black, Philosophy major

"I was here before the dining hall was open (beginning of second semester)...I ate yogurt for breakfast, a bagel from Stirling's for lunch or whatever anyone else would give me, and then candy for dinner (late night studying...super unhealthy but when you're broke and afraid to be away from the books anything works as fuel)...favorite thing to snack on during studying is the watermelon sour patches. My advice is to eat well, take a breath, relax, and sit down at a table when you eat!" 

Senior: Abby Cote, Art History/English double major

For her Art History comp: drank 4 London Fogs a day and ate Pringles

For her English comp: "I was on campus during spring break and McClurg [dining hall] was closed, so I tried to do a baked potato in the microwave and ended up eating only half of a potato because the other half wouldn't cook and the microwave broke...I also ate lots of popcorn."

Senior: Alaina Mandel, Psychology major

"Snacks are life: [I ate] cereal, fruits and berries, popcorn, and yummy drinks like kombucha or Braggs apple cider vinegar drinks." Her advice for how to survive comps? "Get a head start and you'll be in the clear!"

Senior: Carrie Gould, Art History major

"Red Bull."

And there you have it: how to survive comps according to college seniors who have been there done that! It's important to eat healthy during finals, midterms, and comprehensive exams in order to recieve proper nutrients, but sometimes you just need a little Red Bull to power through late night studying. If you're up late at the library and are in need of a snack, Sewanee Eats can deliver food until 11pm, and you can always hit up Pub or Stirling's. Study hard, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and rock (or blast) the socks off those comps!