It's a Friday night and you just finished dancing the night away at a frat and now you're craving some delicious food... but you've already made it to your dorm and the Tiger Bay Pub is all the way across campus. Does this sound familiar? Well, say goodbye to those kind of nights because something wonderful is coming to Sewanee! Your fellow students, Tariro Kandemiri, Daniel Evans, and Blaise Iradukunda are the founders of Sewanee Eats, a food delivery system that will cater to your doorstep. If you'd like to know more about it, read what Tariro, Daniel, and Blaise have to say about their business. 

* Note: All responses to the following questions were a collaboration from Tariro Kandemiri, Daniel Evans, and Blaise Iradukunda.

1. How did you all come up with Sewanee Eats?

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Hannah Garey

"By living inside the Sewanee domain, you realize that if you don't have a person mode of transportation, then your food options are pretty limited. Your choices are either McClurg, the Pub (Tiger Bay Pub), and Stirling's Coffee House." 

"The idea of creating Sewanee Eats came after we were talking with our friends and realized they had the same issues as us. Then we realized, we have the means to fix this for not only Sewanee's student body, but also the faculty, staff, and community." 

2. What kinds of food will you be offering for your customers?

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Tessa Fox

"In respect to our 'On Demand' deliveries option, we will deliver from any restaurant located in Sewanee or Monteagle. This feature will be available on our website after spring break. Another feature is the 'Weekly Special'. For this, we would like input from the community and students for what kind of food they would like to have on a certain day. Any restaurant within an hour-long drive from Sewanee is an option." 

3. So how does the entire process work? 

"For the 'On Demands' feature, we will have all of the food items from each available restaurant listed on the website. People will be able to pick the restaurant they'd like to order from and then what items they'd like from that restaurant's menu. Then, they go to the checkout page to review and finalize their orders. As of now, the two forms of payment are either Venmo or debit card / credit card. Once the order is placed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with all the information detailing their order. Then, one of Sewanee Eats' drivers will be notified of the order, pick up the food, and deliver it to the customer's doorstep, all within about 45 minutes since the order has been placed." 

3. What are your hopes of how this will impact Sewanee? 

"We really hope that our company will impact the Sewanee community in a positive way! Sewanee Eats will be partnering with different organizations, such as selling Alpha Delta Pi's pies to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. We also have plans to expand the site to not only deliver food, but anything in general to our folk on the mountain. We believe this service could be very helpful to students who don't have cars or are too busy to buy food and other necessities from off the mountain."

Food delivery sounds wonderful, right? If you'd like stay updated on their weekly specials and new features, check out the Sewanee Eats website!