Cereal bar restaurants are currently the latest trend. With Momofuku Milk Bar and Kith Treats, cereal-infused ice cream is the newest way to consume cereal. As March 7th approaches, and people flock to these restaurants to celebrate National Cereal Day, vegans are left stranded with nowhere to go. But, do not fret... there are still plenty of options for us!

Cereal Killer Donut from Glazed & Confused

Glazed & Confused, a donut shop in downtown Syracuse which opened on Nov. 16, sells vegan donuts every Wednesday and Saturday. Luckily for us, National Cereal Day lands on a Wednesday and Glazed & Confused sells a cereal killer donut!

Stay Puffed Smoothie Bowl from Original Grain

Original Grain isn't just for nori wraps and grain bowls, they also serve smoothie bowls! Order the Stay-Puffed bowl which has Reese's Puffs on it, and yes, Reese's Puffs are vegan! When ordering, substitute the yogurt for acai or maca powder for the ultimate vegan cereal-inspired smoothie bowl!

Vegan Parfait

Grab your favorite non-dairy yogurt, some fruit, and add cereal of your choice! This on-the-go breakfast is easy for any early classes, and can be made in the dining hall! Most dining halls at SU have soy-based dairy free yogurt!

Regular Cereal and (non-dairy) Milk

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Caroline Ingalls

You can never go wrong with cereal and milk! This meal can be eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Grab your favorite cereal and non-dairy milk and indulge! If you don't have almond or soy milk in your dorm, don't worry! Every dining hall at SU has both soy and almond milk. Some vegan cereal options include Captain Crunch, Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, and Reese's Puffs, but if you're not into sugary cereals there are also tons of healthy ones like Cheerios!