I'm going to say what most of us are thinking ... most beer tastes bad, like, really bad. By this point I think beer pong is the only thing keeping the industry alive because it's definitely not the flavor. I only drink beer because sometimes I hang out at a bar that only serves beer, hard cider, and wine (and wine is expensive). So I'm somewhat of an expert on what to add to beer to make it taste better, but even so, I consulted multiple bartenders from BJ's Brewhouse to help. Here's how to make beer taste better 10 different ways so you can actually enjoy what you're drinking.

1. Citrus

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Melissa Miller

We've all seen the classic Corona with lime posters, and if your friends drink beer then you've probably seen someone do this too. Why? The bitter flavors in a beer mix very well with citrus flavors like lemons, limes, and oranges. It's just like when you take a shot of tequila and suck on a lime after, the lime distracts you from the alcohol taste and makes it bearable. 

Love mimosas but you only have beer? Try a beermosa! It's like a mimosa except worse. Just pour your beer into a glass and top it off with as much orange juice as it takes for you to drink a beer. 

#SpoonTip: Citrus flavors only work well with light beers, so don't try to add any citrus flavors to a dark beer like Guinness because it will only make it gross. 

2. Soda

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Kristine Mahan

One way to make beer taste better is to add any light colored soda. This is what everyone in the alcohol community calls a Shandy, and it makes beer taste better because it makes the beer sweeter without getting rid of the carbonation.

I recommend only light-colored sodas to light colored beers, but if you're feeling adventurous you can try dark-colored sodas with dark beers. I have yet to try that, so good luck. By light-colored sodas I mean Sprite, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale, or anything similar to that. 

3. Margarita Mix

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Parsa Lotfi

Adding margarita mix to your beer makes it taste better because it has the citrus and sweet flavors that mask all the flavors you don't want to taste in beer. The ultimate situation to do this is when you run out of tequila for margaritas, but have beer. Or have both! Both is good, too. 

4. Frozen Berries

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Mackenzie Patel

Just like frozen fruits can be good in wine and other mixed drinks, it can be good for beer too! Frozen berries add flavor and keeps beer cold longer. If you're the sort of person who likes infused water, then you might want to try this one. 

5. Tomato Juice

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Alison Cassidy

If I'm being honest, nothing about this seems appetizing, but I don't like a Bloody Mary, so I'm not the one to ask. That being said, adding a shot or two of tomato juice can taste good to some people, or you can make it a little fancier with a beer Bloody Mary

6. Bitters

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Alex Frank

In case you don't know, a bitter is a liquor-based flavored liquid that usually comes in a little bottle with a dropper. This liquid packs a lot of flavor in a drop, so don't add too many drops. Bitters will only make your beer taste better if your beer is kind of good to begin with. This is because bitters bring out the hidden flavors. 

Let's say you have some fancy beer guy handing you a glass and he starts going on about how there are hints of smoky flavors or orange zest ... and you taste nothing but beer. Try adding some bitters to you glass and you too can sound pretentious after you notice the hints of paprika or cardamon. 

7. Simple Syrup

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Katie Walsh

Simple syrup (which is sugar water) makes for a really easy add-in to beer. This is a great way to make beer taste better because it's easy to order and you won't frustrate the bartender by asking for juice or berries or something equally complicated. It's simple and it works. 

8. Creamer

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Katherine Baker

I recommend creamers for dark beers only. You can also add Bailey's Irish Cream if you want to make your drink more alcoholic. These both go really well with dark beer similar to creamer in coffee. The creamer lightens up that dark and bitter flavor with creamy goodness.

9. Liqueurs

Beer Wall photo by Christin Hume (@christinhumephoto) on Unsplash

on unsplash

Liqueurs are a great way to make beer taste better. No matter what beer you're drinking, there's a liqueur that can make it taste better. Some popular liqueurs that you can mix into beers are amaretto, Kahlúa, vermouth, cointreau, schnapps, curaçao, limoncello, and triple sec. 

Don't know much about liqueurs? Here's a liqueur guide to help you out. 

10. Liquors

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Alex Frank

I recommend adding liquor to your beer when either the beer or the liquor is flavored. For example, BJ's Brewhouse has a seasonal Pumpkin Patch beer that isn't bad on its own, but what makes it amazing is when you add a shot of Fireball to it. Barcardi Limón and a light beer tastes good too. 

#SpoonTip: Do not under any circumstances simply pour unflavored alcohol into your crappy beer. It will only get worse, I promise. I have done this and I regretted it the second I tried it.

Liquor also works well with beer if you're making mixed drinks like this summer beer.

Most beers suck. They taste like the water that has been sitting in your dog's food bowl after it rains. The good beers that do exist are never at any college parties, so maybe next time you go to a party you can bring a flask of orange juice or margarita mix. As long as you remember any of these ten add-ins, you'll be able to stomach even the crappiest PBR.