When you were a kid, Halloween was all about wearing the best costume and getting the best candy. As kids get older, they continue to care about wearing the sickest Halloween  costume, but also about getting the best buzz. This Halloween, we're combining our childhood love of candy and our university love of alcohol to create some alcoholic candy.

1. Drunken Cherry

juice, sweet cherry, berry, sweet, cherry
Jocelyn Hsu

The first alcoholic candy is drunk cherries. Maraschino cherries can be a sweet treat to find at the bottom of your drink, and if you go to Queen's, you'll find them at the bottom of your Queen's Pub Tropical Sangria. They add a good little kick when left to soak in alcohol. Try this recipe to create chocolate covered drunken cherries!

2. Margarita Bark

lemon, mint, sweet, lime, liquor, alcohol, ice, juice, cocktail
Katherine Richter

Christmas time may have peppermint bark–a family dinner classic–but Halloween has Margarita Bark, a treat that is sure to spice up your Halloween party. This recipe involves chocolate, tequila, lime juice and sugar. The recipe doesn't call for a lot of tequila but of course, the amount of alcohol you add is up to you.

3. Drunk Gummy Bears

Vodka gummy bears are great, but when it goes wrong it always ends up tasting like chewy vodka. Instead, try wine soaked gummy bears; they're still very boozy but without the risk of it tasting nasty. You can also give Fireball Gummy Bears a shot!

4. Halloween Jell-O Shots

honey, whisky, liquor, alcohol, wine, tea
Kathleen Lee

Jell-O shots are a classic and the list just wouldn't be complete without them. Try any of these 25 Halloween inspired Jell-O shots for a fun twist. Prepare for freaky concoctions like jello shot brains and floating eyeball jello shots. 

5. Popsicles

Rachel Labarre

It's not too cold for popsicles yet, right? These popsicles pack a punch and are a delicious way to get tipsy this Halloween. Try some of my personal favourites: Tropical Tequila Sunrise, Boozy Campari Citrus Pops or Sex on the Beach.

Halloween is a time to be celebrated, for anyone of any age. Celebrate this year a little differently by putting on a sweet costume and eating your way through some new university-friendly alcoholic candy, and have a safe night!