Watching time-lapse videos of someone decorating a cookie can give you the impression that it is very easy to flood a cookie. Flooding is a technique that take icing to create a smooth finish on a cookie. This technique allows you to create different designs. Follow these four simple steps and you will know how to flood cookie in no time. Then maybe next time you can amp it up and be even bolder with your designs!

1) Icing Consistency

To flood a cookie, we need the right consistency. Take your stiff icing and add a few teaspoons of water in and then mix (add more and food coloring as needed). When the icing is dropped back into the bowl, it should disappear with the rest of the mix within 10-20 seconds.

Ivy Wei

2) Outline

Outline your sugar cookie with the design you like with an edible marker. 

#SpoonTip: Use pencil to practice. But do not eat!

Ivy Wei

3) Flooding the cookie

Pour the icing into a piping bag or a ziplock bag and then cut a small hole in the corner. Now time for the fun part! Following the outline you drew, use the icing to first pipe a border around the cookie. You can then go ahead and fill inside the border.

#SpoonTip: To get rid of air bubbles and to even out the icing use a toothpick or give the cookie a tiny shake. 

Ivy Wei

4) Final Touches

After flooding the cookie, wait until the icing is completely settled and dry before continuing to pipe on top or on the side.

#SpoonTip: To test if you can continue to pipe use a finger to gently touch the surface. If your finger lifts clean you can go ahead and continuing piping!

#SpoonTip: Use your fingertip to test if the the icing is settled.

Ivy Wei

Nothing is really difficult after these steps are broken down. Now that flooding cookies can be made easily with these four simple steps, go ahead and try any of the other cookie decorating techniques! Just remember to show us your designs by either tagging us on Instagram or Facebook, but don't forget to use #SpoonUIC. Even if the flooding didn't meet your expectations, know that Martha Stewart would still be proud!