Coffee gets me through most days in my life when I am juggling college assignments, extracurriculars, and life in general. If you're anything like me, substituting water with coffee, this simple guide would help you explore your immeasurable love and expand it to inculcate a diversified range of coffee.   

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Most types of coffees are espresso based drinks, which means they contain espresso, milk, and foam in different proportions. 

1. Espresso

cream, mocha, chocolate, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Shelby Cohron

Espresso is a strong, bitter kind of coffee, usually served as a shot. One shot of espresso is enough to boost your energy and alert your mind for the rest of the day.

The drinks mentioned below are made using a double shot of espresso (since traditional espresso machines pour double shots).

2. Cappuccino

Bhavya Bansal

Two shots of Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam

A cappuccino is what you order when you wish to savor the wonderful coffee flavor. Not too strong, cappuccinos usually have a layer of milk foam on top and are always served hot. 

3. Mocha

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, milk, mocha
Gracie Gebhard

Two shots of Espresso + Chocolate Syrup + Milk

Mocha is a type of coffee suited for the chocoholics. We owe the human who decided to combine chocolate and coffee. Mocha contains comparatively more sugar and calories, especially if it's served with a dash of whipped cream on top. 

4. Latte

Aditya Rao

Two shots of Espresso + Milk

A latte may seem quite similar to a cappuccino and mocha, however, it has its own identity. Latte contains a good proportion of milk and it's not as sweet as a mocha. It might also come with milk foam on top and can be infused with shots of hazelnut or vanilla.

5. Americano

A shots of Espresso + Hot or Cold Water

Americano has basically diluted espresso with hot or cold water (iced Americano). Thus, it's not as bitter or strong as a shot of espresso. The number of espresso shots depends upon the size of the drink.

6. Flat White

Espresso + Milk in 1:3 ratio

You might not have heard of this one since it's primarily found in Australia and New Zealand. Flat white might be similar to a cappuccino but there is no milk foam on top. 

7. Irish Coffee

Espresso + Irish Whiskey + Cream

Best thing to order when you can't make up your mind between coffee and liquor. Usually contains some amount of sugar and thick cream on top. The coffee is drunk through the cream.

Although there is a multitude of other types (like good ol' cold coffee), this list should suffice for now. No more getting confused at the local coffee shop.