What's Galentine's Day? "Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies." -The incredible Leslie Knope.

No matter how you do it, here are a few perfect ways to honor your girl gang all month long.

1. Host the Ultimate Galentine's Day Bash

Whether it be fancy and over the top or low key and chill, get your squad together! Host a panty swap, rom com marathon, make a signature cocktail for the occasion, do whatever is needed to reunite the band. Make the only rule is that you cannot be on your cell phone, be there in the moment. It will make the night a lot more memorable (no matter how much cheap liquor you drink).

2. Sweets for the Sweeties  

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Sristi Pradhan

Nothing can brighten up someone's day like chocolate. A carton of strawberries and chocolate dip will cost you under 10 bucks and will only take you 10 minutes of your time. Pack them up with a sweet note and leave a sweet surprise for your posse (P.S. Feel free to think outside of the box and try other fruits such as pineapple and melon).

3. Treat Yourself and Your BFF 

Yes, you are a broke college student and yes, you might be living off stolen food from the dining hall but sometimes you deserve the finer things in life. Grab your girl and get an appetizer at a fancy restaurant. Buy your friend something on the fancy side she usually does not get to have. If you're really low on funds, make a facial at home and pretend you're at a luxurious spa (Here is my favorite DIY Facial recipe). You don't have to break the bank to feel luxurious. 

4. Do Not Forget the Ultimate Bestie: Your Mom

It may be easy to get wrapped up in your crew, but don't forget the original BFF, your mother. Send her flowers, chocolates, a card or even just a text and tell her how much you love her. Without her, you would not even be able to celebrate this wonderful holiday!

5. Wine Time

There is nothing that a bottle of wine can not fix. Buy a bottle (or six pack, handle, whatever will do) of your girlfriend's fav and make a cheers to your friendship! You both are worthy of a toast and some R&R.

6. For Your Long distance bestie

Greetabl is a fabulously fun gift giving site that is perfect for that gal pal you want to remind is still your bestie. The site offers adorable personalized box styled cards that include your own photos and small gift. This present is the perfect affordable way to send your love no matter how far your friend may be. 

This amazing holiday was created for a reason, you and your squad are worth celebrating! Typical "Valentines" come and go but your gal pals are forever. Take this month to thank them for putting up with your crazy self. Grab the booze, ditch the bras and go out there and spoil your galentines! Make Leslie Knope proud.