Whether you are gluten-intolerant, trying out a new diet or just curious, it can be a real challenge to avoid gluten when eating out. Lucky for you, we've have put together a comprehensive list of restaurants to help you to be gluten-free at UNC. 

1. Spanky's

Olivia Clark

A Carolina classic, Spanky's has more than enough options for basically any dietary restrictions, gluten-free included. This power-bowl is full of good ingredients for your body. The protein from chicken and black beans, the carbs from quinoa and the delicious flavors from pumpkin seeds and chipotle sauce combine perfectly to kick-start your day on a high note.

2. Lotsa

Olivia Clark

We all know that Franklin Street has at least one too many pizza restaurants (cough, cough). BUT, Lotsa has an advantage, as it offers a delicious, gluten-free crust alternative. Yes, I said it-- gluten-free pizza crust!!!

3. One Fish, Two Fish

Olivia Clark

It's technically not on Franklin, but it's still my favorite. Love poké? One Fish, Two Fish is a must try for you. With unlimited possibilities of bowls and sushi burritos to try, your options are endless. Pro-tip: make a combo base of both coconut sticky rice and zucchini noodles for even more flavor. 

4. Tama Tea

A perfect snack and study location, Tama Tea is one of this year's newest additions to Franklin Street. With tons of tea options, coffees and snacks like this oatmeal, there is a perfect mid-day option for any person, even a gluten-free one!

5. Tru

Olivia Clark

TRUly one of the best places in Chapel Hill. That was cheesy, but it's true. And as hard as it may be to say deny the sandwich option, the build your own salads are very delicious, very nutritious and very inexpensive. 

6. Chopt

Olivia Clark

A personal favorite, Chopt has truly reinvented the salad. With an extensive list of options and a monthly menu that brings ingredients from all across the globe, the options and ingredients are endless. 

7. Weaver Street Market

Just down the road in Carrboro, Weaver Street Market is the perfect go-to for one stop shopping! You can get your groceries, enjoy a delicious build your own meal from the hot bar and grab a coffee to-go. 

8. Root Cellar

Delicious AND aesthetically pleasing, Root Cellar is a win-win for every meal of the day. With several menus to order off of and cases of pre-made foods, the gluten-free options are endless! 

9. The Carolina Inn

At the Carolina Inn, you truly can't go wrong. At any time of day, indoors or out, you can always take a seat, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and eat the best meal of your life, or should I say the best gluten-free meal of your life. 

10. Bartaco

Another new one at UNC, Bartaco is undeniably the best taco in Chapel Hill. For a gluten-free taco, just skip the tortilla and enjoy all the same fillings in a lettuce wrap, instead! Also, be sure to try the guac and corn to top of your delectable meal. 

So yes, you CAN be gluten-free and happy. Here's to being gluten-free at UNC.