Eating in a college dining hall can get old pretty quickly, especially in the Noble Family Dining Hall here at Saint Mary's. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the hard work that goes into our food, but after a while, the same oatmeal and cereal just don't seem to satisfy my breakfast needs. As a junior, I feel pretty well-seasoned when it comes to navigating the dining hall and over the years I've learned how to make each meal a little more exciting. Next time you're at brunch and looking for something other than basic scrambled eggs or a bagel, remember these tips on how to craft the perfect egg sandwich. 

1. Toast a Bagel 

bagel, wheat, butter, bread
Allie Royce

Head on over the bagel array that Sodexo so graciously provides us and take your pick. I personally choose to make my sandwiches with an everything bagel because I think it adds a little extra flavor, but you can't go wrong with a plain bagel either. 

2. Pick Your Toppings

olive oil, basil, salad, tomato, cheese
Allie Royce

This is where you get to take some creative liberties. Start with asking whoever is working the omelet station to cook you an egg over medium (or however you prefer your eggs), and then pick your choice of toppings. For my sandwich, I went with a vegetarian option. I grabbed some spinach from the salad bar, along with tomatoes and pepper jack cheese from the sandwich station. Adding sausage or bacon is another option for those looking for a little something more.

3. Final Product

tomato, fried egg, english muffin, sandwich, cheese, egg, bagel
Allie Royce

Time to actually craft the perfect egg sandwich. Take your bagel, all of your toppings, and layer them on. Throw some pepper or other seasonings on to give it that extra spice. 

No need to dread going to the dining hall anymore; start your weekend mornings off right with your own version of a gourmet breakfast sandwich. Remember, there is always a way to improve your meals – you just have to get creative.