Dunkin' Donuts. America runs on Dunkin', but so do broke college students when it's finals season (let's face it: Starbucks ain't cheap).  

There's a strong chance that you're one of those students whose blood is probably 95% caffeine and Dunkin' is your favorite coffee go to. However, do you ever feel zesty for something new? Caramel Iced Latte too old? Why not ask for some flavor shots of coconut to make it a Iced Coco-Caramel Oh La Latte? 

Hold on. There's no such thing as an Iced Coco-Caramel Oh La Latte. Is that a secret men-

Why yes of course there's a secret menu!  Behold the updated and improved secret menu and life hacks you can have on your boat the next time you take a trip to Dunkin'. 

1. Orange Creamsicle Coolatta

This flavor combination will have you back in a hot summer day with a dreamsicle melting in your hand. Simply ask for orange juice (orange soda or orange coolatta base works fine too) mixed in with a vanilla bean coolatta. Top it off with some delicate fluffy whipped cream if you're feeling extra. 

2. Coco-Caramel Iced Latte Oh La La 

As mentioned before, mix in toasted coconut in with the caramel pumps for an iced latte to achieve this tasty concoction. 

3. Almond Joy Iced Coffee 

The Almond Joy flavor was a discontinued flavor but defiNUTly a fan favorite. To recreate this iconic flavor, order an iced coffee with regular amounts of mocha, toasted almond, and coconut.

4. Warmed Glazed Donut

doughnut, cake, caramel, pastry
Sarah Fung

If you ask nicely, you can get a warmed donut by asking the crew member to toast a glazed donut under "croissant" mode in the oven. They will know what that means and if you really want to take it home, ask them to butter it too. 

5. Nutella Coffee Surprise 

Order a mocha iced coffee with an extra shot of hazlenut swirl or toasted hazlenut. 

6. Dirty Hot Chocolate 

This hot chocolate is spiked...with espresso! Simply order a hot chocolate with a single Turbo shot and a pump of mocha to make an extra rich, dark hot chocolate to warm up the soul in this cold weather. You can add raspberry to make it a nice dark raspberry hot chocolate and obviously add whipped cream too!

7. Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Latte 

Tis' the pumpkin season with this unique flavor combination. Ask for pumpkin spice swirl mixed in with the vanilla chai latte and a turbo shot putting the basic PSL in its place. 

8. The Arnold Palmer 

To mock this drink, ask for half black Iced Tea and half frozen lemonade base. You can also ask for a frozen lemonade with some Iced Tea mixed in for an Arnold Palmer Frozen Tea. 

9. Birthday Coffee

Have an even happier birthday by asking your crew member to mix in both french vanilla swirl and hazelnut swirl to achieve this delicious birthday cake flavored coffee.

10. Strawberry Monster 

Need an instant energy boost for that final? Ask for a large ice cup to be filled halfway with Monster and strawberry coolatta base for an interesting flavorful tart twist to the energy drink.

Now that you've got this secret menu on your back, go forth and start your day off right with upgraded cup of joe from this iconic cafe. Be sure to share your satisfying secret drinks and food with Spoon University through our social media @spoon_uic .