One of my favorite things about summer is gardening. Planting seeds early in the spring, watching the plants grow over the summer, and finally the harvest in the fall is so satisfying. Depending on what and when you plant, you can have fresh food from the garden anywhere from May to October (though it varies a lot based on the climate where you live and what you're planting). Now that we're in the peak of summer months, gardens and farmers markets are abundant with fresh produce just waiting to be taken home and turned into something delicious. Here's a few of my favorites based on some common things you can find in the garden around this time of year.


pea, vegetable, legume, pasture, snap pea, snow pea
Spoon University

If one thing reminds me of summer, it's peas. My favorite way to enjoy them is right off the stalk! However, if you have a surplus try making a fresh summer salad with garden lettuce, peas, tomatoes, and a lemon vinaigrette. You could also make this homemade pea pesto to top your next pasta dish. Want more? Try these 10 creative recipes using peas!


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Julia Gilman

Corn is a delectable starchy vegetable that peaks during the summer time. Boiled, grilled, stripped off the cob, buttered to perfection, added to salads or stir fries, what can't you do? This grilled corn and zucchini salad is to die for. Another fan favorite is elotes! Elote are a delicious Mexican street dish; you won't be able to resist eating only one. 


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Luna Zhang

Tomatoes come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. For your larger young tomatoes, make fried green tomatoes for a classic southern appetizer. Small ripe tomatoes? Use them for bruschetta! Larger, red tomatoes? Homemade pasta sauce! When in doubt? Eat raw or use to make salsa!

#SpoonTip: Roast tomatoes before making the salsa to add an extra smoky flavor. 


carrot, vegetable, pasture, farmer's market
Caroline Ingalls

Crunchy carrots right out of the ground (and washed) are so much sweeter and more delicious than any store-bought carrot. If you want to cook them, simply slice and roast with olive oil and sea salt over medium heat for 20 minutes. You could also try your hand at making carrot fries or if you have too many carrots to handle, try these vegan carrot apple muffins.


cabbage, radicchio, red cabbage, vegetable
Nadia Doris

Cabbage is a lesser-used green that you can throw into any salad. For something more cabbage-based, try making this vegan coleslaw! You can also add cabbage to stir-fries and spring rolls, or use it to make kimchi. 


vegetable, sauce, meat, zucchini, courgette, herb
Ellen Gibbs

To be honest, as a child zucchini was my least favorite vegetable but over the years I have grown to love it. Hands down favorite would probably be zucchini fries/chips or zucchini parmesan because who doesn't like fried foods? Zoodles aren't for everyone, so if you'd rather have real pasta check out these 17 Zucchini Recipes That Are Way Better Than Zoodles. If nothing else, you can always make this vegan gluten-free zucchini bread and throw in some chocolate chips for extra yumminess.