I love surprises. I also happen to love cookies. Combining the two is the perfect dessert for a crowd. Cookie boxes are easy to make ahead of time and also add to the decor of any event. You can use them on the table for a splash of color at each place setting or hand them out when dessert rolls around. Your guests will have so much fun discovering what's inside.

candy, chocolate
McKenna Cassidy

Choose cookies that compliment each other in flavor & texture. For these boxes I chose to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and walnut pecan cranberry oatmeal cookies. The chocolate cookies are rich and sweet, the shortbreads are light and buttery, and the oatmeal cookies are fruity and nutty. The contrast of flavors is sure to please both the chocoholic and the more moderate dessert palette. 

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McKenna Cassidy

Instead of just laying the cookies out on a platter, make dessert by packaging them into personal boxes.

What you'll need:

- 10-12 small boxes (find 'em at Michael's or any craft store)

- Colored cellophane 

- Wax paper

- Scissors

- Ribbon

Step 1

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McKenna Cassidy

If the boxes need to be assembled, fold them into shape. 

Step 2

McKenna Cassidy

Lay a piece of cellophane inside the box. Make it large enough so that it comes up the insides. This simple touch makes the box look nice and full.

Wrap each cookie in a piece of wax paper, large enough to avoid sticking and flavor crossing, but not so big that it hides the cookies from view.

Add one cookie of each type—keeping the order consistent in each box. That way, when your guests open them, you can explain what each cookie is (going from left to right, for example).

Step 3

candy, chocolate
McKenna Cassidy

Repeat step 2 for all of the boxes and tie them up with ribbon. Depending on the vibe you're going for, use the same ribbon for all the boxes or mismatch it.

With these cookie boxes, each person can eat dessert at their own pace. They also double as a perfect party favor.