You've probably already heard about the new coffee maker Chemex (pronounced as Keh-Mix). You might've even seen it while brunching at a local coffee shop. The fact is, Chemex coffee has become a new trend in the popular coffee culture. The popularity and the mainstream acceptance of Chemex might fool you, making you think it's just another newly-invented kitchen gadget that is made to make money off the Millennial generation.  Surprise, surprise: Chemex is, actually, turning SEVENTY SEVEN in 2018! 

Yes, there are a few educational fun things about Chemex that are not so well-known. Some other facts are actually myths. So, without further adieu, let us explore the magical world of Chemex coffee maker.

CHEMEX 101: Quick History 

The Chemex coffee maker was invented in 1941. You might assume, it came from somewhere in Europe: Norway or Switzerland, maybe? That's a common myth. According to the company's website, Chemex was invented in the US by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. As a chemist and an infamous caffeine addict, he understood the science behind the coffee making, so he invented Chemex as an attempt to create THE perfect cup of coffee. He got it!


The body of the Chemex is made of Borosilicate glass (kind of glass used in labs). It does not absorb the chemicals or odors, making sure your coffee tastes au naturel. The wood collar is polished, making the whole device look even more elegant. Additionally, it keeps you from burning your fingers when touching the hot carafe. The wood is removable, it is attached to the glass by a leather tie that keeps the collar sitting comfortably on the hip of the coffee maker.

Chemex also requires bonded, cone-shaped filters that are specially designed for this brewing processes that guarantees the uniform extraction for pure coffee flavor without any sediments or bitter elements. 


As you might have assumed, Chemex is EXTRA. Maybe not as extra as Kim Kardashian is, but still. It requires the brewing process to be done in a certain way. Let us follow the steps, suggested by the Chemex professionals.

1. Prepping Up. Use freshly grounded coffee ( one rounded tablespoon for every 5 oz. of water) and the appropriate filters to start the process.

Aleksandr Zolotov

2. Blooming Stage - Pour just enough hot water to cover the grounds and let it sit for about 30 seconds. You will notice the coffee bobbling aka blooming.

3. First Pour - Now that the ground coffee is wet, pour the remaining water over the ground in a circular or back-and-forth motion, so that the ground is evenly soaked.

Aleksandr Zolotov

4. Enjoy! - Once the brewing is over, toss the filter and enjoy your coffee. To keep your brewed coffee warm, you may leave it on on a warm heating element. The full brewing process might take up to 20 minutes so plan your coffee 2.0 experience accordingly. You can't rush your coffee just as you can't rush the girl out if she's not yet ready, just keep that in mind. The coffee you prepared can be stored in the refrigerator and served as a cold brew, just pour it over ice.

Explore the alchemy of coffee making!