Every college student knows that one of the best feelings in the world is getting a care package in the mail. Between wondering who sent it (dad? grandma? a friend from across the country?) to the suspense of actually discovering what's inside, the excitement of receiving a care package is one of a kind. 

While a care package is sure to brighten anyone's day, the question is not if you should send it, but what exactly to send. There's always the typical things like ramen noodles, but what about switching it up and throwing some things in there that your college foodie actually wants?

Here's our comprehensive guide to crafting the perfect care package for your college foodie. By following this guide, your college student is sure to be impressed.

1. Mix sweet & salty

Carly Koemptgen

The first step to crafting the perfect care package is making sure that all the tastes are covered. This means adding salty items as well as sweet ones. Some examples of salty items could be mac n' cheese, pretzels, nuts, or chips. Sweet items can be anything from candy to dried fruit.

With this, the possibilities are endless. If your college foodie likes spice as well, add some spicy trail mix or jalapeño chips.

2. Remember drinks

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, black coffee, mocha, decaffeinated coffee
Asia Coladner

Drinks are just as important as any food. In order to cut down on the weight of the package and cost of postage, try to cover this category with tea, hot chocolate packets, or coffee. If your student has a Keurig, toss in a few K-Cups.

3. Gift cards never disappoint

tea, beer
Carly Koemptgen

Although gift cards are a bit more expensive and definitely not an essential part of a care package, they are always appreciated. Find out what places your care package recipient likes to eat at and send $10 their way. If a place is local to their campus, restaurants and stores often have the option to purchase gift cards online.

4. Homemeade treats are a must

chocolate, cookie, butter
Izzi Clark

Months of dining hall food or questionable apartment cooking leaves every college student yearning for a home-cooked meal. While you can't send them a plate of dinner, you can send them a few homemade treats to enjoy. This could include cookies, homemade trail mix, or banana bread.

5. Healthy? Maybe.

legume, vegetable, cereal, pea, corn, chickpeas, meat, garbanzo, pasture
Kirby Barth

This one is a big maybe, because sometimes college students just want a treat. But one thing I've noticed is that I often end up giving away the chips and candy that I get in care packages because I simply don't want to have that temptation in my room. I've enjoyed receiving care packages with healthier snacks like protein bars, nuts, or roasted chickpeas.

6. Show the hometown some love

bacon, chocolate
Carly Koemptgen

Does your college foodie have a favorite candy store in town that they always have to hit every time they go home? Is there a certain restaurant that will forever hold a special place in their heart? Add something from there, whether it be the actual products or a t-shirt. They will be glad to have a happy reminder of home.

7. Don't forget the handwritten note

coffee, tea, beer
Carly Koemptgen

The best part about a care package is arguably the reminder that someone is thinking of them from miles away. Nothing says "I love you" like a sweet, simple, handwritten note.

Whether your student is just a few miles away or halfway across the country, you will certainly brighten their day with a wonderful care package. While all of these elements are incredibly optional, combine them all for maximum joy and satisfaction.