If you're experiencing anxiety during this uncertain time, you are not alone. There is only so much you can do within the comfort of your home, apartment or dorm room to de-stress and relax. While curling up on the sofa and watching your favorite movie might work for some, others might benefit from CANN social tonic.

What Is CANN Social Tonic?

Photo Courtesy of CANN

CANN is the #1 low-dose cannabis social tonic. Every CANN contains 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD that provides a light buzz. The THC works to reduce anxiety and the CBD eases the nerves.

This formulation was created for those those looking for an all-natural stress reliever while still maintaining control over their cannabis experience.

 Research has shown that cannabis can be used to help reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, and treat stress and anxiety — especially in lower doses.

Where Can You Buy It?

Photo Courtesy of CANN

CANN is low-calorie, all-natural and comes in three flavors: grapefruit rosemary, lemon lavender, and blood orange cardamom. CANN can be purchased by those 21+. Yes, CANN is currently only available to CA residents via dispensary or Eaze delivery!

Personal Note

I would like to note, that I would not drink a beverage like CANN to treat stress and anxiety. However, I believe it is important to talk openly about different products that might be helpful for some people. While CANN might be able to help ease anxiety, that doesn't take away the importance of seeking professional help for overarching mental health issues and concerns. Please drink responsibly.