Summer’s in full swing and BBQ’s are the classic way to enjoy the season. So if you have a grill, fire it up. But, bringing the food to a pool party or upping your house party game with the grill can either impress or add stress. Don’t make these common mistakes and everybody will be raving about your food in no time.

Not knowing what food to get

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Figure out what you’re going to make and write it down. Decide if you want to impress everyone with your master grill skills by going with a pork shoulder or if you simply want to feed the hungry mob that’s gonna be showing up.

Going out of your league

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Oh, you want to grill brisket? And you say you’ve never cooked before? Good luck. For first timers, maybe stick with the classic hot dogs and frozen burgers. Just make sure you let them thaw out before grilling them. Don’t try to make all these cool grilled foods at the same time either, know your limits.

Not rising to the occasion

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If you continually post food porn on Instagram or are known for your culinary artistry, your guests may be expecting a little more. Hamburgers are always good but you may want to try to make your own. Don’t be shy either, season them heavily, Worcestershire is a quality option.

Having JUST burgers

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It’s a good call to have other people bring the drinks and sides, but you can also impress with fun mixed drinks or some of the other grilled food mentioned above.

Leaving the grill

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When you man the grill, you become the grill-master. This is your home, your domain, and you are king of the party. Let the plebeians come to you begging for food.

Have fun with it though, try new foods, pop in skewers and fish. It’s the Summer so make the best of it.

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