You can be boujee any time of year, but there's a short, magical time frame when being "boo-jee" is acceptable. Make the most of it by sending off this Halloween care package before Oct. 31 to your recipient, whether it’s your main witch at another school or your college student hanging onto Halloween as the one good thing about the stressful midterm season.

1. Fall Foodie Faves

Kate Parker

I believe that everyone should have pumpkin or apple-flavored food stuffed in their mouths for most of October. Pack your box with apple cider donuts (make your own or stop by a farmers market) and pumpkin pancake mix. Focus on Target and Trader Joe's for a successful Halloween care package—Target has seasonal goodies including cinnamon apple chips, pumpkin pie Pop Tarts, and pumpkin spice pretzels.

I’d say to try going into Trader Joe's with a plan but, honestly, f*ck that because no mere mortal can resist the temptation of their 60+ pumpkin-flavored products. Your boo-jee-ee is sure to love a box packed with treats like TJ’s pumpkin tortilla chips, pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spice chai tea latte mix, and pumpkin O’s.

2. Ghoulish Gourds and Petrifying Plants

Kate Parker

If there's one thing you end up putting in your Halloween care package from this entire article, I am begging for it to be these adorable sugar skull succulents from Trader Joe's. I came in the store for chickpeas, and I left with literally five of them. 

Pick up cute little pumpkins in a variety of colors to add a pop of fall to your Halloween care package and to give the receiver simple decor for their dorm/apartment that'll last them the whole season. Or, opt for a medium pumpkin that's not too heavy for your box and include a carving kit (and handy instructions for those who are not jack-o'-lantern veterans).

3. Séance Staples and Eerie Essentials

Kate Parker

Sending off goodies to someone who's superstitious (or even just a little stitious)? Look no further than everyone's favorite way to get voluntarily haunted: the Ouija board.  Be sure to pick up a package of these Ouija-inspired mints so the receiver doesn’t have to worry about smelling like a walking bar of chocolate for the next week.

You can also summon a spooky pregame with adorable Ouija board shot glasses or put a big bag of your witch's brew of choice into Ouija coffee mugs. To tie together this part of your Halloween care package, make sure you give your receiver the right lighting for their cool, creepy Ouija experience—try these candy corn candles, baby ghost candles, or pumpkin pie candles.

4. Snack-o’-Lantern

Kate Parker

Receiving a cauldron full of sweets is like a better version of trick-or-treating, because you don’t have to spend an hour after collecting all your candy, trying to trade your friends for better ones. (Tbh, part of me still feels bad about all the times I convinced people to give me actual good treats in exchange for raisins and other treats no one wants.)

Grab a plastic jack o’ lantern bin at Walmart for $1 and stuff it high with the receiver's favorite sweets, or surprise them with a cool new candy like Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats, Caramel Apple Milky Ways, or Sour Patch Zombie Kids

5. Boo(ze)!

Kate Parker

Stuff your Halloween care package with everything the receiver needs for proper holiday celebration. Napkins with funny phrases like "Straight Outta Coffin" and "Cheers, Witches" are a must.

Don't forget haunting Halloween-themed drink sleeves, which you can put around bottles or cans of Jones Soda Co's Limited Edition Halloween 2017 sodas. Target’s adorable sugar skull cups are perfect for making the Day of the Dead ~come alive~. Your receiver can fill them up with delicious apple cider or one of these DIY creepy cocktails

Send it Off in Time for Halloween!

Kate Parker

Good work, friend! Make sure to send off all the ghoulish goods by the 31st. If you need some more filler in your box, try going a contained level of crazy in the Party City Halloween decorations aisle. Also, feel free to include other orange foods that fit the theme like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Annie’s Mac 'n Cheese, or even a package of clementines – just make sure to have a spooktacular time with it.