I have amazing memories of my family sitting at the kitchen table carving pumpkins together. Apple cider to drink, roasted pumpkin seeds to make and jack-o-lanterns to carve.

While I'm no expert on carving pumpkins, here is how my family has always done it: 

What you'll need:

Faith Branch

 A good pumpkin, a stencil, scissors (if you want to cut out your design), tape, a bowl and a pumpkin carving kit.  

1. Cut a whole at the top of pumpkin

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#SpoonTip: Make sure you cut a hole big enough for you to scoop out the insides (I made this mistake with this pumpkin, it was difficult to use the scooper).

2. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkins

tea, coffee
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But make sure that you save the seeds for this recipe. 

3. Tape your design onto the pumpkin

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If this is your first time carving a pumpkin then choose a design without a lot of curves. But if you are feeling adventurous, choose something like the Spoon logo. 

4. Use a carving knife from the carving kit and poke holes around the stencil 

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This will make sure you are following the design when carving. 

Here's what your pumpkin should look like after you've poked holes for the entire design. 

pumpkin, squash, gourd, pasture, vegetable
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5. Start carving your pumpkin. 

pumpkin, gourd, vegetable
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#SpoonTip: Take out small sections of the pumpkin as you go along to help protect the parts of the design that you want to keep intact (like the Spoon in this instance).

pumpkin, squash, vegetable, gourd, pasture
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6. Voilà, your pumpkin is finished

pumpkin, squash, orange, gourd
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All you need now is a candle and then your pumpkin will be ready for all the Instagram photos.