The Medjool date is one of the most underrated fruits of all time. I definitely do not see enough people eating this delicious treat, or as I like to call it, nature's candy! Besides being completely (and naturally!) sweet, Medjool dates are also great sources of fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Heaven in a piece of food, friends!

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Ashleigh Monaco

Fresh Medjool dates are soft, juicy, and satisfy your sweet tooth immediately! Because of their perfect flavor and malleable texture, they also make the perfect dessert...and I'm not just talking about eating them alone. There are numerous ways to incorporate dates as part of your dessert routine.

A healthy and sweet dessert? Count me in!

1. Date Energy Balls

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Keni Lin

Due to their extremely soft and chewy texture, dates can be rolled into balls easily. But don't leave them alone! By adding some of your favorite nuts, seeds, grains, and spices to dates, you can make small and easy treats that are easy to carry and power you through your day. My favorite way to make them is by putting a handful of dates, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and cinnamon in a processor, then making small balls out of that paste. Feel free to add anything you'd like (including chocolate chips!) for a delicious dessert or snack.

#SpoonTip: Keep the energy balls in the fridge or freezer; nothing tastes better than cold dates!

2. Date-Crusted Pie

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Jocelyn Hsu

Yes, ready-made pie crust is probably the easiest way to make a Thanksgiving dessert. However, if you knew how easy it was to make a crust out of dates, you'd never buy these prepared crusts again! The recipe is super similar to the energy balls: a blend of dates, walnuts, almonds, and cinnamon in a food processor. It should form a huge ball that you can later easily spread onto your pie pan and then put in the fridge to set. Afterwards, take it out and fill it with whatever filling you're using and put back in the fridge to set, or bake if needed; from experience, I can say this crust tastes heavenly in an apple pie recipe!

3. Dates Stuffed With Nut Butter

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Maggie Gorman

Talk about easy savory and sweet goodness! Stuffing dates with nut butter is no doubt one of my favorite ways to eat dates. Whenever I'm in the mood for something sweet post-dinner, this always brings me so much satisfaction. All you have to do is remove the pit from a date (or two!) and stuff the middle with about a teaspoon of your favorite nut butter. I personally love it with almond butter, but peanut and cashew butter pair excellently, too.

4. Blend into a Smoothie

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Christin Urso

I love a good green smoothie at any time of the day -- I'm all for a perfect blend of nutrients to make me feel my best both in the mornings and for dessert. However, without any added fruits, the smoothie won't be as sweet as I'd like it to be. To give my smoothies some extra goodness, I usually pop in a frozen banana into the blender as I'm making them. But another great way to give your smoothies a pop of sweetness is by swapping the banana for one or two dates. Their natural sweetness complement the veggies perfectly, giving you a nutritious and flavorful smoothie that will have you wanting more!

If there's anything I love just as much as my all time favorite food, avocado, it's dates...which says a lot. There's multiple ways of consuming these sticky and sweet beauties, so I can assure you you'll never get bored! Try them for dessert this week and see your life change before your very eyes.