So what exactly is sherbet [sher-BET]? The word "sherbet" comes from the Arabic word sharab, which means sweetened, fruit drink. The indulgent treat eventually evolved into the sherbet we know in the 1800s and the iconic rainbow sherbet was created in the 1950s. It is a mix of ice cream and sorbet. It has more milk fat than sorbet, which gives it a smoother texture, and less milk fat and air than ice cream, which gives it a more intense flavor—basically, it is the best of both worlds.

Sherbet Base

 Frozen Fruit + Liquid (Milk/Alternative) + Sweetener + Special Ingredient + Optional Add-Ins

Making sherbet is an easy, quick, and healthy way to have a treat. With this base recipe, you’ll be able to make exceptional goodies with any ingredients that you have. The four ratios can be adjusted according to your personal taste, but the amount of liquid should be kept lower so that it is not too watery (which will then require extra freezing time).

Some liquids you can use include water, milk, milk alternatives (like coconut, soy, oat, etc.), Greek yogurt, and coffee. Examples of sweetener include agave syrup, honey, and cocoa powder. The special ingredient is what gives each sherbet a unique touch, for example: Cholula sauce for a spicy kick, lemon for an acidic touch, cardamom for an aromatic note, and sunflower butter for a creamy feel. Crunchy additions can also be used as garnishes or mixed in for a more intense texture.

Though I have a long list of combinations I want to try, here are my top five so far. 

1. Chili Mango

Alex Kaplan

Frozen Mango + Water + Agave Syrup + Cholula Sauce.

Optional: Takis

The inspiration for this recipe came in the middle of the night after seeing my roommate eating frozen mangoes and realizing I had been deprived of ice cream for several weeks. The creamy, sweet mango juxtaposed with tangy Cholula sauce and a spicy Taki crunch is a play on the classic Mexican street food called mangonada. This is the most wholesome dessert that you can add to your Taco Tuesday or—from my experience—indulge in as a healthy midnight snack with a spicy twist.

2. Blueberry Lemon

Alex Kaplan

Frozen Blueberries + Milk + Honey + Lemon Juice/Zest.

Optional: Graham Crackers

The next sherbet recipe is the embodiment of summer: sweet blueberries balanced with zesty lemon, topped off with a graham cracker crumble. What more can I say than you should make this if you miss beach days, endless nights, and limitless fun?

3. Chocolate Avocado Cardamom

Alex Kaplan

Frozen Avocado + Chocolate Milk + Cocoa Powder + Cardamom.

Optional: Crushed Nuts

Now you might be wondering who would add avocado to a sherbet. Well, I do, and you certainly will too after reading this recipe. Avocado lends a creamy texture from all of its natural oils, and it is a really healthy addition to your diet. Cardamom is a very fragrant seed pod from the ginger family, and it has an addicting taste of citrus, spice, and herbal tones. As the most refined sherbet for your next dinner party, it is sure to impress friends with its rich cocoa and divinely complex flavor.

4. Raspberry Black Sesame

Alex Kaplan

Frozen Raspberry + Milk + Honey + Ground Black Sesame.

Optional: Mint

Sweet, delicate raspberries with smoky, nutty, black sesame is a flavor pairing you won’t forget about. The black sesame seeds have to be roasted so that the essential oils can be released and the taste magnified. You can use the remaining black sesame seeds to make baked goods like this black sesame yuzu tart. If you are looking for a refreshing dessert, make this ASAP.

5. Banana Espresso

Alex Kaplan

Frozen Banana + Espresso + Honey + Sunflower Butter.

Optional: Cereal

This is the most ideal way to have ice cream for breakfast; you’ve got your caffeine fix, protein, vitamins, and minerals all in one tasty treat. The sunflower butter used here is such a good alternative for peanut butter. The next time you’re on the run, grab your sherbet so that you’re fueled up for the day. 

If your sherbet comes out too liquidy, pop it in the freezer for several minutes or until the consistency is as desired. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't want to wait for the sherbets to solidify, eat them as smoothie bowls. 

Make sure to try these out, but more importantly, come up with new flavors and have fun in the kitchen. This is also great to make in dorm rooms because all that’s needed is a blender and the ingredients. Now, go sherbet it up!