Have you ever caught yourself wishing you had an iron, a toaster, or a popcorn machine? Or, do you live in a tiny dorm that doesn't allow any of the above? I know it seems a bit crazy, but all of these appliances can actually be replaced with a straightening iron. Keep reading to figure out how to use these straightening iron hacks to their full potential!

1. De-Wrinkle Your Clothes

Ellie Gilchrist

This is by far the best hack in this trio. I probably use my straightening iron to straighten my hair just as often as I use it to "straighten" my clothes. Just be careful not to burn yourself and put your iron on its lowest setting if you're dealing with gentle materials.

2. Make Toast

wheat, bread, cereal, rye, flour, sweet, pumpernickel, pastry, rye bread
Ellie Gilchrist
bread, wheat, cereal, rye, pastry, flour, sweet, cake
Ellie Gilchrist

The key to this hack is wrapping both sides of your iron in tinfoil so that it doesn't end up being greasy and a pain to use for anything else. Apply medium pressure to get a good toasting, but not to the point where the bread gets squished.

3. Pop Popcorn Kernels

First, heat your straightening iron to medium heat — ensuring that it pops the kernels but doesn't burn them. Then use long, skinny tongs to place the kernel between the two sides of the iron, only removing the tongs once it's secure. Eyebrow tweezers can also work really well for this.

#SpoonTip: To get your kernel to pop faster, wrap tin foil around the whole straightening iron where the kernel is and 2 inches on either side of it.

Although some of these straightening iron hacks might take more time than the original method, if you're in a bind and using a toaster/iron/popcorn maker isn't an option now you'll know what to do. Who knew that a simple hair straightener could be used for more than its original purpose? Cheers!