Are you a college student with an internship for the summer? It is often hard to get comfortable with everyone but food is always the answer. Food brings people together and fosters a sense of community. These treats will definitely help you become everyone’s favorite.

1. Krispy Kreme Donuts

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Photo courtesy of @krispykreme on Instagram

My current internship is in Manhattan, right across from Penn Station. Sometimes my train gets in on the track that comes up right by Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme donuts are classic, especially if you get glazed. Everyone would love a treat from Krispy Kreme.

2. Bagels

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Photo by Sarah Silbiger

How could you not love bagels? Some people have rough mornings and may not be able to get breakfast before commuting to work so seeing bagels on the conference room table might make some people happy. Don’t forget the butter & cream cheese. Oh, and maybe even Nutella – that is ALWAYS good on a bagel.

3. Moe’s Chips & Queso

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Photo courtesy of @moessouthwestgrill on Instagram

Okay, so Moe’s Southwest Grill is my favorite place to go. It is so much better than Chipotle (yes, I have tried both, so I can say Moe’s is better) because of their queso and chips. Every time you go to Moe’s, you can get free chips and salsa with your order but the real deal is the chips wiht a side of queso. Queso is deliciously melted cheese that is perfect for the chips. The chips are just as good solo, but the queso help make them that much better.

4. Home-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Photo by Livia Greene

Chocolate chip cookies bring a sense of nostalgia to anyone who eats them. I personally feel like home-baked does the trick, especially if they never go stale. It shows you care and everyone knows sharing is caring.

5. Slutty Brownies

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Photo by Analiese Trimber

Slutty brownies, or crazy brownies as I call them around people who might not like the term slutty, are the best dessert combination you can have. Cookie dough on bottom, Oreos in the middle, with brownie mix on top. You are still following the same directions as if you were making just brownies. Spoon’s ultimate slutty brownies are the way to go.

6. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

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Photo by Morgan Goldberg

I am a big fan of chocolate fountains. Dipping the fruit under it just makes things that more fun. Chocolate-covered strawberries are so simple to make, along with pineapples, apples, and even some non-fruit foods like marshmallows or pretzels.

7. Ice Pops

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Growing up everyone loved the Fla-Vor-Ice pops. You could have them in so many different colors which made them great. They also come in plastic wrappers so your hands won’t get sticky. These treats would make everyone in the office nostalgic and happy. You can’t go wrong.

8. Apple Crumble

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Photo by Liz Kaplan

This 5-minute apple crumble will up your daily dessert routine and be great to bring to the internship. The best part is that they will forget it is healthy when they are eating it because it just tastes so good.

9. Cupcakes

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Photo by Hunter Siegrist

Cupcakes are another classic dessert treat everyone will love. My favorite are the funfetti cupcakes with vanilla icing. Something good for the office would be making a variety and not icing until you get in this way you do not have to worry about ruining the icing and everyone knows they can get the kind of cupcake they want. Or just buy them on your way to make it that much easier.

10. Fruit Snacks

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Photo by Kevin Rodriguez

Fruit snacks were a hit growing up. I loved getting the Scooby-Doo ones or even the fruit roll-ups. Another treat that will bring back memories for everyone and make people happy. It is great because there are so many different fruit snacks to get so it will be easy to please everyone.

11. French Fries

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Photo by Trissa Gurney

French fries are my go-to side whenever I go out to eat. They are something everyone loves. They are also quick and easy to get from anywhere like McDonald’s or Burger King and bring them back to the office. Snacks are key and french fries are the way to go.

12. Juice Boxes

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Photo courtesy of Paul Goyette on Flickr

Juice boxes are the way to go. They bring people together and are one of the five childhood snacks we all really miss. At internships, the people you all work with are trying to be adults but deep down all want to be a kid again. Capri Suns are a refreshing drink that will make them feel better about being a big kid with an internship.

Now that you have all of these ideas, go on out there and bring them to your internship and everyone will love you.

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