You know those moments when you walk through the door and before you utter a single word, you already start getting attitude from your girl? Or you’re sitting in the car, driving around, looking for somewhere to eat, you ask bae where they'd like to go, and you start getting snarky responses like, “I don’t care,” “whatever you want,” or “can't you just pick a place already?”

All of those things are pretty strong signs that bae is either mad or annoyed at you. Now you could wander around the mall or drive to different places for hours trying to find something to please her, or you can just pick up one of the following things because as a fellow female, I know what makes our hearts as happy as our bellies.

Here's 10 easy and quick foods to cheer up your significant other real fast:

1. Panera Bread Chocolate Chipper Cookie

Panera's chocolate chip cookies are the most convenient option for the warmest, freshly baked cookie. They're made to have a hard crust with a gooey inside finishing that melts in your mouth. When you go into Panera bread, there will be a hot plate in the pastries/bakery area that has these cookies lined up on it. Always ask for a cookie from the hot plate, don't just pick up a pre-packaged one from the baskets in front of the register. The warmer the cookie, the warmer the soul. 

2. Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie Ice Cream Pint

Now of course you can't go wrong with any of the Ben & Jerry's flavors, but this is an ultimate favorite. A mixture of two of America's greatest classics: the cheesecake and the brownie. What more can a human want? It's like love mixed together and packaged into a pint size. 

3. Chick-Fil-A: literally anything on the menu

The #1 at Chick-Fil-A is a go-to option for most, but I would suggest switching over to the #3 if your girl knows how to handle them spices. OW OW. 

4. Cinnabon Center of the Roll

So I am the type of girl that is really into warm, gooey food and this is my all-time favorite dessert option. If I ever hear someone say the word "Cinnabon," you better believe I'm going to start googling the nearest location. Their cinnamon rolls are just as good, but sometimes a little too much to be able to finish and having to eat the outside corners of a bun just isn't quite as enjoyable as the inside. Cinnabon knows that and bestowed the human race with this creation.  

5. Sushi: California Roll

Sushi is a nice option for someone who isn't into desserts or sweets. It's a light meal that can satisfy a woman's desire to be culturally diverse while also delivering excellent taste. If you know for sure that you or your girl doesn't like sushi, then try taking this quiz to find out what kind of sushi you like based on your personality.

6. McDonald’s Apple Pie

One of the best things McDonald's has to offer. It's crunchy. It's gooey. It's mouthwatering. It's it's it's... just a regular old apple pie in a hot pocket style. Easy to grab from a drive thru with the same great taste of an original apple pie straight from grammy's house. 

7. Fresh Cut Fruit

Every girl loves to feel healthy and loves to eat something that tastes good with the least amount of calories. Fresh fruit is a good option to avoid getting an earful from your significant other about how you were trying to fatten them up by bringing home more sugar & carbs.

8. The Cookie Dough Café Monster Cookie Dough Tub

There are select grocers that actually carry The Cookie Dough Cafe tubs, so if you are lucky enough to have one close by, then I highly recommend grabbing a few of these because they go fast. All the goodness of cookie dough without the risk of salmonella. The monster flavor, pictured above, is a personal favorite because of all the peanut butter goodness mixed in. 

9. Wendy's Frosty with French Fries

Some may not understand this unusual sweet & salty combination, more commonly known as "frosty fries." It offers the perfect combo for someone who's on the border of between something sweet and something salty.  If you haven't tried it yourself, definitely do so before offering it to someone else. Not only to taste-test it, but also to treat yourself before others, because I promise you will have no regrets afterwards. 

10. Pizza

 When all else fails, pizza is the answer.