Rushing to find a last-minute holiday gift for your friend? Gifts like clothing or accessories can be hard if you don't know the other person's exact fashion style. However, your friend's holiday party is in 2 hours so what do you do?! Well why don't you give them something that everyone needs every day of their lives.....FOOD! Here are 10 last-minute holiday food gift options that can be homemade or put together in less than an hour.

1. For your friend who loves to curl up with a bowl of soup

Make your friend a soup mix! All you need is a jar and some dry ingredients to make your friend's favorite soup! You can put some pasta, beans, grains, and some seasoning for an easy-to-make cup of soup that's perfect for the holidays. Find any vegetarian soup recipe and fill the jar with the dry ingredients and voila, you have your holiday gift.

2. For your sweet tooth friend

cake, birthday cake, pizza
Luna Zhang

With cookie mixes, not only are you giving them a sweet treat, but you're also giving them a sweet experience! All they have to do is add the wet ingredients and nibble at the dough, and before they know it, they have a batch of fresh cookies ready to be eaten. These cookie mixes can be used on a later occasion or can be made that day! Easy for anyone to use, and honestly, who doesn't like a good homemade cookie?

3. For your chocolate loving friend

chocolate, caramel, pecan
Analiese Trimber

A decadent dessert that is easy to make, fun to decorate, and delicious to eat. You can use dark, milk, or white chocolate and put any toppings (nuts, candy, caramel, more chocolate) on top to customize it for your friend. To make it a bit more festive, crumble some candy canes on top to make a peppermint bark. Put the chocolate bark in a holiday bag with a twist tie, and there you have your perfect little holiday food gift your friend can start munching on right away!

4. For your friend who will scream for ice cream

An ice cream sundae kit is perfect for your friend who loves ice cream (I mean who doesn't  though?). Depending on what they like, you can put in sauces (chocolate, caramel, jams), sprinkles, candy, cones, a spoon, and cups for a portable ice cream kit they can enjoy anywhere. All they have to do is grab their favorite ice cream from their freezer and start decorating!

5. For your cheese lovin' friend

A cheese pairing gift box is perfect for your bougie friend who loves their cheese and wine (or you know, just cheese and crackers is great, too). All you need is to get items that would go well with their favorite kind of cheese like crackers, jam, salami, nuts, other kinds of cheese, or even a bottle of wine. If you really want to make it fancy, add in an actual cheese platter and a butter knife and they can enjoying their cheese plate as soon as you give them this gift.

6. For your friend who loves their tea time

Gift your classy friend a DIY tea party box! You can give them a variety of different tea flavors, cookies to eat during their tea time, a book to read while they drink their tea, and even a mug to drink their tea in. If you want to get even fancier, put some honey and a spoon in their tea party box and now they're really ready for a tea party at any time.

7. For your health nut friend

cereal, herb, pepper, vegetable, granola, muesli
Kristine Mahan

Some homemade holiday granola is perfect for that friend who eats healthy but still wants to indulge during the holiday season. You can add any ingredients you want in the granola and make it perfect for the holidays by adding chocolate, dry berries, and even peppermint. To gift the granola, put it in a jar, tie a bow around the jar, write their name or flavor of granola on the jar, and there you go!

8. For that artsy friend

A cookie decorating box is perfect for a last-minute holiday gift that can be used even during the holiday party you might gift this at. Put in some frosting, sprinkles, cookies, and optional utensils, all in adorable holiday packaging and there you have a gift that is easy and fun for everyone. This holiday food gift is perfect for people of all ages both to enjoy and eat.

9. For your friend who loves their movie nights

There's nothing better than watching your favorite holiday movie with good nosh and popcorn. This movie night gift box is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a good night in. All you need is their favorite candy, popcorn, and their favorite movie or even movie tickets. You can give this gift to your friend as an invitation to do a movie night or your significant other as a date idea. Get ready to snuggle up for your next movie night!

10. For your friend who always needs a midnight snack

This midnight snack gift box is a fun one that can be filled with a variety of different snacks that your friend would enjoy. Put in their favorite candy, cheese, cookies, chips, and really anything that you know your friend would want to munch on at 2 in the morning. 

If you still really don't know what gift to give your friends this holiday season, a box of some of their favorite food items, beautifully wrapped up, is sure to please any one of your friends. As long as they love to eat food, I bet they will be pleased with anything you bake or put together for them that is edible. This holiday season, enjoy the company of your friends and family and give the wonderful gift of food!