I have been watching Vlogbrothers on YouTube since I was in seventh grade, and many of the the other channels John and Hank Green have created. Last year I followed John Green on his latest escapade called "100 Days" where John and his best friend, Chris, challenge themselves to have a healthy mid-life crisis. 

So What is 100 Days?

In the beginning of "100 Days", John and Chris met with a bunch of professionals to discuss the best way to go about their health journey. They met with a therapist (who specializes in performance psychology), a dietician, a health physician (who specializes in sport and family medicine), and a personal trainer who they would be working out with each week. The goal of "100 Days" was to get healthy by trying new ways of exercising and food tracking, without focusing on weight and counting calories. 

It is Honest About Getting Back into Shape

The most refreshing thing about following John and Chris's journey was how honest they were about everything. No one goes into the gym or a new diet and does not struggle. They do not sugarcoat how hard it can be to get back in shape or start eating healthier. Throughout watching the show you get to see their progression in their health and fitness. In the first few episodes you see John struggling with their workouts (aka dry heaving and vomiting) and not enjoying the exercise. But as the weeks go on you see him getting stronger and he says how much he enjoys exercising. They also did a variety of different exercises, anything from roller derby to boxing was on the table At the very end John and Chris as well as some friends from the journey completed at 10 kilometer run. 

You Can Follow Along

YouTube added a community tab allowing content creators to interact with viewers directly on the platform. On the "100 Days" community tab you see all the food tracking pictures John and Chris have been taking (or forgetting to take)  throughout their journey. It also includes recipes to some of their favorite meals, and lists exercises they have been doing throughout their fitness journey.

"100 Days" is an honest show about getting healthy and exercising, unlike shows like The Biggest Loser that only focus on weight loss. It is about making sustainable life changes. This show portrays getting healthy and working out like how it really is: hard. You see them struggle with one another, with their exercise and dieting. But it proves that it is never to late to change the way you live, and you can't help but love watching John and Chris's journey. So go watch "100 Days" on YouTube and get inspired.