Our relationship with food varies, between people, cultures and even holidays. Food means more than just survival. Fuel is for the soul.


Chinese foods

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Learning about how food is created worldwide is amazing. Differences between countries or even cities can expand our culinary and cultural knowledge

We can challenge myths (like do Chinese people really eat dogs?) or get to know a hometown better.

The history of food is fascinating, from the timeline of jerky and poptarts to the more in-depth discovery of where chocolate actually came from.

Food fuels your desire to empathize with people of different origins and to discover traditions. We never stop learning.


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Emily Coppella

If being exposed to cultural dishes doesn’t fuel your soul enough, what about the simple idea of memories? 

Of course, we shouldn’t directly attach food to memories. Emotions such as happiness and close relationships are built in other ways. But who can forget the smell of your grandma’s Christmas baking or the sound of a sizzling BBQ?

Popcorn and movie theatre seats. Cotton-candy-stained lips and sticky funnel cakes at a fair. Never feel guilty for embracing these moments.


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Food is a part of daily life, we need it to function. We also need some creativity to live fully. Whether you’re into art, rap or reading poetry, culinary creativity can have a place in your life.

You don’t have to be able to make a gourmet platter of goodies. Simply try different ingredients in your meals. Lay out a pretty breakfast plate as innovation

If you’re looking for a basic way to get creative, try experimenting with smoothies as a way to spark the artist in you.


Alright, so you may have been expecting this one. What’s amazing about a “care a bit but not too much” attitude with your diet is that you can harness all the wonderful health benefits foods have to offer, without depriving yourself.

There are certain foods that can boost your brain power or get you revved up for a workout. By eating a wide range of foods, you can have a colourful, fun diet that makes you feel your best.


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Emily Coppella

You may be wondering why we need fuel for our taste buds. We’re bombarded with diet culture telling us to improve, restrict or control our diets. We can start trusting our bodies again. If this means you’re “craving” some pizza or a pint of ice cream, just eat it. Nobody can tell you not to.

Let's fuel our lives by eating well and living fully.