When I think Christmas, I think sweets galore, casserole and my favorite part: the ham. Tamales are another must-have for my family during the holidays, and I shamelessly pile them on my plate every year. I had to wonder, though, what other people gather around the table to eat at their Christmas dinners. Here’s a look at a few Christmas dinner favorites from around the world.

Foie Gras and Oysters in France


Photo by Farrukh.

In France, celebrating on Christmas Eve is the norm and it typically consists of staying up at least until midnight to celebrate and eat. Oysters and Foie Gras (duck or goose liver) are both common dishes for the holidays. Keeping in the spirit of the season, champagne is also a common Christmas staple in French households, proving yet again how classy the French are.

Romeritos in Mexico


Photo by kiwilimon.com

Resembling baby spinach or rosemary, romeritos is a plant which is typically mixed with shrimp and potatoes, all covered in mole sauce. A popular Christmas and Lenten dish, romeritos is a Mexican classic full of flavor and enough spiciness to have you reaching for another drink. But really, when is that ever a bad thing?

Eight Treasures Duck in China

Eight Treasure Duck: Chopping 7

Photo by YSL807

Okay, Christmas isn’t huge in China, but some people still choose to take part in the celebrations. More popularly celebrated is the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in a similar way to American Christmas festivities. In either case, a popular dish is the eight treasures duck, aka duck stuffed with so. much. deliciousness. The stuffing is comprised of chicken, smoked ham, shrimp, fresh chestnuts, bamboo shoots, dried scallops, mushrooms and rice, all stir-fried to perfection.

 BBQ in Northern Australia


Photo by Carston Saager.

Similar to the U.S., Christmas dinners in Australia vary from region to region. However, I have a theory that no one can deny barbeque as a meal, so I loved reading that some Australians enjoy making it their main Christmas meal (often involving kangaroo). The menu can feature anything from steak to an Australian favorite: grilled barramundi, a fish viewed as a staple in Australian diets. And since Christmas on that side of the world means sunny skies and warm weather, it would be a sin to not barbeque.