We all know that familiar feeling of stress piling up and you have no choice but to devour everything within sight. As college students, we tend to prioritize schoolwork, but sometimes you need to give yourself a break, boost your endorphins, and let out some sweat in order to keep going.

Here is a list of the best list of places at UW to sweat out that toxic stress

Cyc Fitness

Stay true to the Cyc Fitness motto: "party on a bike." It's so fun that you'll forget you're even working out! It is guaranteed that you will sweat out every toxin that exists in your body and you'll be begging your cycologist for their playlist afterwards (one word: JAMS).


Again their slogan: "HIIT it hard" is true to the workout. It is really f*cking hard. After completing treadmill speed skills and strength intervals with benches, kettlebells, dumbbells and bands, you really feel like a boss. 

Dragonfly Hot Yoga

Yoga is the perfect time to settle your mind and de-stress your body. You can choose from various Chakras, Aromas, Flows, Barre, Power Up and Yoga Up classes.

Each caters to what you need: meditation, a muscle burner, a sweat session or a strength builder. There is a wide variety of class times as well to make it easier to squeeze into your busy schedule. 

The Barre Code

Get ready for a high-powered full body workout. Their classes include their basic Barre Code which takes you through strength intervals of arms, thighs, butt and core.

Also, check out their cardio killer HIIT class, combo of strength and cardio class named TBC (Total Body Conditioning), and their newest kickboxing style class: Brawl. The instructors will leave you feeling inspired and you will definitely feel the burn the next day. 

Inner Fire Yoga

Inner Fire includes more flow classes and is perfectly centered on campus for a quick sweat session in between classes. If you need a deep meditation, the candlelight flow is extremely peaceful. If you need a booty kickin' strength burn, sculpt combines yoga with weighted sectors and cardio. 

Group Fitness Classes at the SERF

The SERF is a great choice for students with a perfect location and cost. For $30 a semester, you can attend as many classes as you want and any class that you want. You can choose from cycling, group strength with weights, powerflow, yoga, HardCORE, zumba (a student favorite), HIIT (killer), Pound, and kickboxing. 

UW-Madison students are extremely lucky to be surrounded by such a diverse array of fitness facilities. Each studio brings their unique vibe and personal mantra to a workout making anyone feel strong, empowered, and ready to tackle the day or the study sessions ahead.