For anyone in college, December is one of the most stressful months of the year, given the number of final tests and papers that are distributed after the last week of classes. Granted, stressing out 24/7 can potentially cause health issues, and it's important for students to have somewhere they can go when they need to relax and de-stress.

Interestingly enough, Disney princesses experience periods of stress, too, and can sometimes use a break from ruling over a kingdom or battling against evil. So if you're looking for a new space to chill out when you're  overwhelmed with work, then look no further then some of the Disney princesses' fave de-stress places.

Belle: A Bookstore

According to research, reading fiction can help people greatly reduce stress, as your heart rate slows down and your muscles relax when you're immersed in a story with a strong narrative arc.

Considering she has her nose stuck in a new book every week, it's no surprise that Belle would visit a bookstore when she's feeling stressed out. Who knows—maybe the next book she'll pick up will revolve around food.

Rapunzel: A Pottery Studio

Making art is another activity that has been proven to successfully help with stress, and as Disney's resident artistic princess, Rapunzel would undoubtedly paint, draw, or sew her troubles away in her tower.

Still, she must get tired of only making art in the same place everyday (not that she can help it). And when she has the opportunity to make art somewhere else, she'll probably end up at a pottery studio where she can sculpt and paint to her heart's content. 

Tiana: A Diner

As real as stress eating is, many foods also have the potential to help you de-stress—especially foods that power your brain to produce serotonin, a chemical that keeps your mood at bay.

Surely, food-loving princess Tiana will give some of these foods a try the next time she's tired and stressed. In fact, most of them are typical diner fare, so maybe she'll hit up the best diner in Louisiana.   

Mulan: The Gym

While exercise is known for increasing your overall physical health, it can also act as a major stress reliever, as moving around allows your brain to produce more endorphins. Not to mention that focusing on a workout can help take your mind off whatever's bugging you. 

For what it's worth, Mulan must've come to add exercise to her daily routine after training in the army to defeat the Huns and all. And honestly, what better place is there to exercise your stress away than the gym?

Aurora: Her Bed

In most cases, tiredness has a tendency to make you super irritable, causing you to develop more stress than you might have already. However, a good night's sleep can make dealing with any ongoing stress more manageable, and at least get you feeling relaxed for a couple of hours.

Princess Aurora must know this tidbit, considering her nickname is Sleeping Beauty. But more than that, it's easier to get a good night's sleep somewhere that's comfortable, and for Aurora, that place is none other than her own bed.