House cups are a tradition that many Xaverians have been a part of, even though some of us may not actually understand  hockey. The cheering crowds and decorations that come along with house cup tournaments are where the positive rivalry between residences comes into play. Check out this article written by the Xaverian Weekly for the dates of all house cup games in 2018. 

While house cups can be great fun, it's easy to go overboard if you're not careful. Here are some tips for staying healthy and enjoying house cup days and nights.

1. Stay Hydrated + Stay Full

"Water. Meal hall. Sleep in. Friends. Clothing. Spirit. The six essentials to be prepared for the day and night of all house cups." - Jilaine Barton

No matter what, if you plan on drinking on a house cup day, make sure you stay hydrated and munch down on a good meal. Both will make or break your night, as well as the day after. We don't want any hangovers, do we? This article has some pretty good tips. 

2. Positive Rivalry Only 

"It's a marathon, not a sprint. Positive rivalry is the best type of rivalry you can have." - Allie Britten 

These house cups are meant for positive school-spirit building competition, not for brawls and arguments. Sometimes passions are running high during a good hockey game, but keep it on the down low. It would be a shame to get kicked out before the puck is even dropped. 

3. Keep Up the Spirit

"House cups are what StFX represents in the span of a day. The community and spirit come out, and everyone has fun!" - Jacob Faubert

House cups are a tradition here at X. They amplify the bonds between residences and you can really see how much StFX is like a big family.

4. Clothing is Key

"Hydration is key. Paint early. Enough said." - Alex Forbes 

Don't forget that you have to choose a house to cheer for at every house cup. One of the best ways to show which house you're cheering for is through the colours you're wearing. If you wanna go even further than a standard coloured t-shirt, you can always decorate the clothes you're wearing or think of new ways to dress up.

House cups are a great tradition at X for bringing people of all years and houses together. Keep these things in mind while you get ready for house cup days and you'll be sure to have a great time. Stay safe, folks.