Being walked in on while you're getting frisky has to be one of the most mortifying things. Worse than tripping and falling in a huge lecture hall, worse than sending a screenshot to the person who was screenshotted, worse than—dare I say—farting in public. 

Unfortunately, people are walked in on all the time, especially college-aged people. It's like it's destiny—even if you think you're being so careful and on the DL, you're probably still going to be interrupted. The universe is against you gettin' some, apparently. 

Because being walked in on is all too relatable and, let's be honest, kind of hilarious, I set out to round up a few stories from college students across the country. It was even more hilarious than I expected.

It's 9 PM Somewhere

"My boyfriend and I were getting intimate in the middle of the day. We're long distance so we take what we can get. All of a sudden, my bf's roommate walked in with his mom and little sister. Pretty sure no one saw anything, but it was pretty obvious what was going on."

All Tied Up

"I'm a few months into a relationship, around the time you spice up things in the bedroom, so I decided to buy these bed restraints. My girlfriend comes over and we're supposed to be doing homework together, but I convinced her to tie me to my bed with my clothes still on just to see what it would be like.

She had just tightened up all the straps when my flatmate barges into the room. There's a long, held moment of silence, then he shakes his head turns to my girlfriend and says, 'There's two sorority girls outside my window and they are having the funniest argument, you need to hear this.'

That's the story of how I was abandoned and tied to my bed while my girlfriend eavesdropped on some drama."


"One time I was hooking up with one of my friends, and one of our other friends literally ran into the room throwing condoms at us. I didn't feel especially awkward, but it was clownin' tbh."

Nightmare on 3rd Floor

"Boo & I are doing our thing in his dorm while his weird, creepy roommate was supposed to be in class. We hear the door unlock, and my bf yells "Hold on don't open the door!" His roommate still opens the door, and instead of being normal and shutting it and/or apologizing, he stands in the f*cking doorway with the door wide open.

Bae managed to cover himself up with the blanket & single pillow he had on his bed, which left me butt ass f*cking naked on his bed. And his roommate... THIS B!TCH SCANS MY BODY UP 👏 AND 👏 DOWN 👏 AND SAYS, '... Should I leave?' And me, naked, says 'YES!!'

This dude gets so close to shutting the door, but he opens it one more time and says, 'When should I come back?' My bf ended up shutting the door on him and telling him that he'll send a text to come back in. Honestly, still the most awkward thing to this day."

From Romance to Red-Faced

"Valentine's Day 2015. I'm a college freshman. My boyfriend at the time came to visit me for the weekend, and I wanted to have a romantic night. As we were just about to have sex, I heard the door unlock. My roommate and her bf walk into the room while my bf and I rushed to cover our butt-ass-naked selves with blankets. We were so embarrassed that we hid under the covers for like 10 minutes. The night definitely didn't turn out as romantic as I'd hoped."

Frisky Business

"My boyfriend and I were home during break, and we were at his parent's house with his two little brothers. They were playing together upstairs, and we were watching TV in the basement. We decided to get frisky under the covers. Of course, once we're completely naked, both of his brothers come barreling down the stairs. They decided that they wanted to play in the basement. We waited a solid half hour, butt naked, the covers pulled up to our necks, for them to go away. Talk about a buzzkill."

The Door Isn't the Only Thing That's Open

"Freshman year, I was having sex with this guy in my dorm. I had forgotten it was Mom's Weekend for the sororities and that my roommate's mom was in town. As he's going down on me, my roommate and her mom both walk in... Let's just say they got a full-frontal view."

Summer Lovin'

"I was staying the night at my boyfriend's mom's house during summer, and me and my bf went upstairs when we thought everyone was asleep. We knew that we weren't allowed to sleep in the bedroom together, but we wanted to have sex, and it was pretty late.

We're in the middle of doin' our thing when we hear a knock at the door. I hurried to cover myself up, while he hurried to get dressed and answer the door. He opens the door, and his mom says, 'You know why I'm here,' then walks back to her bedroom. She totally knew, and I was totally mortified."

Moral of the article: you're not alone. In fact, most every single one of us has been or will be walked in on at some point. With a little time, the experience will move from mortifying to hilarious. Maybe your story will even be featured online, who knows?