As meditative and zen yogis swear their practice is, yoga doesn’t come without certain smelly obstacles. It’s happened to every yoga practitioner during one pose or another: one moment, you’re stretching and breathing and contorting your body into a pose and the next, a fart slips out.

This is the subject of various “How to Handle” articles and all too relatable YouTube videos. Although some gassy toots are good for you, you can often avoid the embarrassment and following trauma around fellow yogis by carefully choosing what you eat before class.

Most practitioners agree it’s best to eat a light meal about an hour before class starts. Practicing on an empty stomach is dangerous and can lead to nausea, dizziness and even fainting — the last things I want happening to my body in a 90 degree room filled with sweaty, exhaling yogis.

A run to Chipotle 15 minutes before your first down dog can cause similar feelings for opposite reasons. Try these foods before your next class to keep you feeling strong and energized all class long.


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Eating a banana will pack your body with the right amount of potassium and magnesium to hydrate and prevent cramps and bloating during a heated vinyasa class. Pears are a low acidity snack that’s high in fiber. Apples offer fiber, vitamin C and a pump of sugar to energize you before class.


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Avocados are packed with magnesium and potassium (60% more than bananas) and help promote lean muscle growth. Grab one or two if you’re feeling extra hungry, because avocados are dense in nutrients and keep you feeling full longer.

Almonds and Dark Chocolate

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For an early morning class, grab a handful of almonds and a square of dark chocolate. Almonds boost your energy to increase your stamina bright and early. The caffeine in dark chocolate is the perfect amount before your first cup of coffee — and the perfect excuse to eat dessert before 9 am.

Quinoa or Farro with Dried Cranberries

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Eat a protein-packed grain like quinoa or farro as you would oatmeal, with dried cranberries or your preferred fruit. A light serving of half a cup will prepare your body for a sweaty workout without feelings of heaviness or drowsiness. Add sautéed spinach for a boost of fiber.