UREC is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to college gyms. Whether you're there for smoothies, squats, or the sauna, everyone has a reason to go to the gym. One of them should definitely be the group exercise classes.

If you've never taken a group exercise class, never taken one at UREC, or just plain have yet to work out at UREC, give one a try. Group exercise classes offer up a fun environment to work out in a nonjudgemental setting.

When you just hop on an elliptical to get your cardio in, its easy to get distracted on your phone and forget to sweat. But take a group ex class, and you'll be motivated by great tunes and an energetic instructor to make the work out count.

So, what are you trying to accomplish when you hit the gym? No matter what your goals are, there's a group exercise class ready to take you there.

I want to feel like I can conquer anything: Try Boxing Fitness or Kickboxing

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Kacie Saar

Even if you've never punched a hole in a sheet of paper, just one class will make you feel like you can take on Pacquiao (although I wouldn't recommend taking your new moves out of the class).

In Boxing Fitness, the instructor helps you wrap up, puts jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts in your tool belt, and helps you work on combinations. Then, you'll take it to full body circuit training to help add some oomph to every move. You'll also be able to hit the bag and the instructor's mitts to hone in on technique.

Kickboxing goes ixnay on the bags and gloves, but still teaches you great form for punches and kicks. This class is great for building up cardiovascular endurance, as you're working with high reps of combos without the resistance of pounding a bag.

I want to tone up before class without being drenched in sweat: Try Pilates or Barre

Both are mat based classes that revolve around smaller muscle isolating moves with high reps.

Pilates is all about control. Focusing on posture and precise movements keeps your core activated. Barre on the other hand, is a ballet inspired workout that incorporates movements like plies to strengthen and lengthen.

 Didn't know you could get your hammies firing just by pointing a toe? You're about to see.

I want to find my balance: Try Vinyasa or Yoga Fitness

Kacie Saar

Going through fast paced Vinyasa flows and holding powerful poses tones the whole body (especially the core) and makes you more aware of your body. How does this translate? More energy throughout the day, increased flexibility, more muscle tone and better balance.

I want to undo the laptop-induced hunchback: Try Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga involves gentle stretches and strengthening flows to realign and rejuvenate you. The tunes are laid back, the vibes are chill, and I've even had instructors massage my shoulders with essential oils in class before. Switch out your afternoon power nap for a class that will leave you glowing.

I want to shake it off (stress and maybe a few inches): Dance and Sculpt, Dance Fitness, or Cardio Dance Party

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Kacie Saar

You're going to sweat in these classes... a lot. But you also might leave laughing hard you twerked in the mirror that it won't hit you that your quads are quaking until you reach Freshen's.

The dance-based classes are a super fun way to work out without having to take yourself too seriously, or even feel like you're working out. And your moves are probably way better than you think.

I want to get stronger but I don't want to live in the weight room: Try TRX/Bosu

TRX and Bosu are both props that take bodyweight strength training to another level. Picture chiseling those abs with a plank on top of an unstable ball, or doing mountain climbers with your feet suspended.

Resistance training with your own body is an underrated way to get strength gains, and after leaving one of these classes, your muscles will be telling you why.

I want the Godwin steps to seem easy: Try HIIT or Cycle

HIIT and cycling classes are high intensity, all out bursts of cardio, with strength training built in. These classes will challenge you, boost your endurance levels, and bring out your inner athlete. Your biggest competition in these classes, though, is going to be yourself.

Every class, you crush one more burpee in the interval, or spin with the resistance cranked up one more notch. These are the classes that will make you sore in the morning, but also the ones that get your metabolism really revving and get you to give every second your all

Think UREC offers enough classes? There's even more: step, core, and even a stand up paddle board class, just to name a few. Check out their weekly schedule. Grab your crew, get your Lulus on, and find yourself a reason to love working out. Stay sweaty, my friends.