I have a sweetpotato obsession, and you should too after trying these new 'Sweetpotato Awesome' products. I love sweetpotatoes because they are complex carbs and can literally be eaten in all forms (fries, chips, puree, roasted), as either breakfast (a.k.a. yogurt and sweetpotato bowls), lunch, snack, dinner or even dessert.

Now, imagine my excitement when I heard about 'Sweetpotato Awesome' products. Literally, as soon as I tasted these healthy goodies, I decided to spread the word to the rest of you out there:

What is Sweetpotato Awesome?

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Emma Delaney

Imagine a perfectly-crunchy sweetpotato slice, cut at a cracker thinness. To be more precise, it's a freeze-dried organic sweetpotato slice. They're thicker than chips, and taste like your favorite junk food, but without the unhealthy oils, artificial preservatives or added sugars.

Josh, the creator and owner of this new food company, began creating superfood snacks three years ago in his parents' garage. After lots of effort and perseverance, his products are now available nationwide. 

Why are They Awesome?

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Emma Delaney

First, the perfect crunch – they're not as fragile as chips, but not too hard either. They have the sturdiness of a cracker or toast, so you can eat them with dips or spreads, or top them with avocado or scrambled eggs. For more ideas, here are 333 ways to eat the Awesome.

Now, lets talk about the health qualities. These gluten-free, vegan treats are using simple healthy ingredients while at the same time keeping their nutrients. How is this done, you may ask? First, the ingredients are organic sweetpotatoes and virgin coconut oil (plus the different spices used depending on the flavor). So, no processed ingredients like refined oils or added sweeteners.

Second, they are made by freeze-drying, a food-processing technique that retains the most nutrients compared to all other techniques, even better than dehydration. Heat destroys most of the nutrients inside foods. So, freeze-drying works with pressure instead of high temperatures to take out all the water from the sweetpotatoes. This gives the product a unique taste, long shelf life and high nutrient retention. 

The Flavors

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Emma Delaney

Flat out Awesome: These are large slices you can use as flatbread or toast. They are simply seasoned with coconut oil and salt. You can top them with literally anything – I eat mine for breakfast, with avocado and scrambled eggs, or with almond butter and bananas. 

Hot N' Awesome & Dilliciously Awesome: Both savory flavors are seasoned with coconut oil, garlic, dill and salt, and the Hot N' Awesome have Chipotle powder. Some people say these taste better than Doritos. These are great by themselves, with hummus, or crumbled on top of salads.

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Emma Delaney

Original Awesome: this was their first recipe and it's also the founder's (Josh) favorite. They are seasoned with coconut oil, cinnamon and salt, and have a subtle sweet flavor. These make a pretty awesome combo with melted dark chocolate or even with milk as cereal.

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Emma Delaney

Chias Awesome: made with coconut oil, cinnamon, and chia seeds. They have a cookie-like taste, so they are my favorite to eat with almond butter and hemp seeds. 

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Emma Delaney

Bottom line, these crunchy sweetpotato slices are what you need to satisfy those cravings for Doritos or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. You will not only be filling your pantry with healthy options, but also be supporting a young food company. They are selling online nationwide, or if you are lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, you can find them at the Intuitive Forager's Downtown Third Farmer's Market. Just jump in, and join the Awesome.