Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Aldi, step aside. Although we all have our own personal favorite grocery store, Intermarché just changed the grocery store game. Intermarché is a French supermarket that recently launched an ad to promote healthy eating and it's better than the Hallmark channel. I believe at the heart of Intermarché's mission, healthy and sustainable eating is important to them.

I would confirm this and give you more taglines, but unfortunately, their lovely infographics don't translate into English when you click "translate" on Chrome. Le sigh.

Although my two years of French have failed me and their Instagram boasts some epic food-stagrams, the brand recently out did themselves with their new ad. Within one week of its debut, the 3-minute film posted on Facebook has received over 7M views and captured the hearts of literally everyone who watches it. Zero French skills required.

The commercial follows a twenty-something guy and his journey to win the affections of the twenty-something checkout girl. Because I have a heart of gold, I'll leave it at that and let you watch it yourself. 

Although we respect all humans who occasionally load their grocery cart with frozen pizzas, we'd trade in our food-related Tinder pick-up lines for this literally heart-healthy love story any day. And apparently, so would other viewers. The online success of #lamourlamour was thanks to its prime-time placement during the French version of "The Voice"... "The Voice: la plus belle voix." The "Superbowl commercial" style of the ad is less common in France and continues to attract more attention and attention. 

In case you're feeling as inspired as the love-struck protagonist, you can always make one of these simple dishes for your significant other. Here's to young love, eating your veggies, learning to cook and proof that love and eating right knows no language. #cheesyasaf