Firstly, I know being healthy in college is harder than it sounds. Telling a foodie not to eat certain foods is like keeping two magnets close to each other but not letting them collide. It is difficult. That is why it is important to keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal- whether it is to shed a few pounds, improve a health condition or even just to feel good by being healthy, you CAN do it! 

Here are some easy ways to help you make your food New Year's resolutions into a reality.

1. Substitute your favourite foods for healthier versions.

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Lauren D'Amore

 If you are craving fries, make the healthy choice by skipping the greasy fast-food fries and try making baked sweet potato fries at home. If you love pasta, try making pasta out of vegetables like squash and zucchini noodies. For more ideas on food substitutes, check this out!

2. Keep all junk food out of your house.

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Robert Sciambra

This is a tip that is very underrated but goes a long way. The idea is that if you are craving ice cream but you don't have any in your refrigerator, you are unlikely to consume it. Keep yourself as far away as possible from foods that you want to eliminate.

3. Aim for 3 colours on your plate.

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Santina Renzi

A study conducted in Cornell University found that people find three food items and three different colors on their plates visually appealing as compared to more or less of either category. Therefore, if you pick three healthy items that are colorful, you will enjoy your meal and will feel that much more satisfied.

4. Read the food labels and let yourself be grossed out.

Emmrick McCadden

It is crucial to read the ingredients of packaged and processed foods. Once you realize that the food is full of chemicals and preservatives, you will (hopefully) make the choice of not putting it in your body.

5. Tell all your friends and family about your decision.

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Alex Frank

Not only will they help you achieve your goals but you will also feel more accountable when you keep others in the loop. This will lead you to feel pressurized to actually follow through on accomplishing your foodie goals. 

Once you start making some of these choices, your body will feel the positive benefits of the great decisions that you've been making. Although don't forget to treat yourself sometimes – a little reward here and there is always good for your sanity.