A few weeks ago, I was introduced to yet another ground breaking diet–the Ketogenic Diet, a low carb diet that is supposed to make the body to burn fat faster. While this diet is going to be as trendy as the plant based vegan diet it may not work for you.

This article is not about either diets, but if you want to know more about them, read here and here.

Thinking about this Ketogenic diet got me thinking... there are many different diets out there that a variety of fitness bloggers, celebrities, and even doctors swear by, but how do we know what diet is the most ideal or "perfect" for us?

For example, "I'm Vegan."

About a year and a half ago (at the height of the vegan diet craze), I decided to shift my eating habits to a more plant-based diet. While I won't flat out admit that I decided to change my diet because I wanted to follow one of the latest trends, it was nice being able to boast about the fact that I was "vegan." Despite this shallow motivation, this change in my eating habits did open my eyes to the world of vegetables and plant-based meat substitutes. As a result, I found myself eating in a way that suited my body...for a while. 

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Katherine Baker

Finding enough protein as a vegan was a challenge. I have always been active: from dancing my entire childhood to becoming a hot yoga and CycleBar enthusiast, my body has always craved some sort of protein.

I have never been a big meat eater, but I've always wanted lighter sources of protein; such as fish and eggs. After a lot of trial and error, I moved away from a strict vegan diet and found that a low-dairy pescetarian diet is what works best for my body. The lesson here is that we are all different and just because this diet works for me, doesn't mean that it works for everyone (or anyone) else.

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Christin Urso

In Conclusion

Since I have started this journey of living a healthy lifestyle, I've realized that there is no right answer with respect to diets. As frustrating as that may be, you have to go on your own journey and figure out what works for you. Although some people may thrive from eating a raw, vegan diet, that isn't sustainable for all. The "perfect" diet is what makes YOU feel the best. Eat foods that you enjoy and that make you feel healthy.

Don't let the latest diet craze fool you, you do you and don't let anyone stop you. 

#SpoonTip Although a vegan diet may not be the best diet for everyone, studies have shown that eating mostly whole foods is the best for your body. Processed foods may taste good and be convenient, but whole meats, fruits, and vegetables are what's best for your body.