I've been on a wellness kick recently - but I haven't been just focusing on my diet. Instead, I've started researching the benefits of using all natural cosmetics. Your skin is your biggest organ and it's essential you put quality products onto it.

I knew there was a good chance I'd be dropping a mini fortune by upgrading my skin care routine, so I decided to research how to get the most bang for my buck by using a simple hack: keeping my products in the refrigerator. 

It Preserves the Ingredients 

I strongly suggest that everyone switches to natural moisturizers for multiple beneficial reasons. While some natural alternatives are on the pricier side, a good way to increase their longevity is to keep them in the fridge.

Natural moisturizers lack preservatives so keeping the container in the fridge increases the lifespan of the vitamins and nutrients for enhanced skin boosting effects. 

It Calms Skin 

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Applying coldness to your face has many skin benefits. Such benefits include the reduction of inflamed pimples, boosted circulation, and reduced oil secretion. Therefore, simply by keeping your moisturizer in the fridge, you'll experience more perks than just the intended effects of your moisturizer. 

It Feels Good

Simply applying a cool cream onto your face is extremely relaxing. Remember when it was 40 degrees warmer out and we were not just sun kissed, but sunburnt? The calming feeling of putting aloe on irritated skin is very similar to putting cool moisturizer on your face. Facial skin tends to be more sensitive than skin on other parts of the body so you'll definitely experience the soothing feeling of the coolness. 

Moisturizers aren't the only products that should be store in the refrigerator; nail polish, eye serums, and perfume should be too. So next time you're cleaning out your fridge, make sure to save some room for your beauty products. However, if you're a major foodie like myself and lack any extra space due to an overhaul of food, feel free to look into these refrigerators made specifically for cosmetics. Now that's one way to be extra.