Unlike most diets, the MIND diet isn’t focused on weight loss, calories or restriction. Instead, the goal of this research-based diet is to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, with more than 5 million Americans suffering today. These numbers are increasing every year, so it’s never too early to start thinking about your brain health.

The Mediterranean-DASH Intervention against Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) Diet combines the best brain boosting foods from two of the most highly regarded diets: The Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet.  Studies show that following the guidelines of the MIND diet could lower your risk of Alzheimer's by around 50%. 

The MIND diet guidelines are simple and give you a lot of freedom to choose the specific foods you enjoy. This diet outlines what types of food you should limit and which foods to eat every day, every other day, a few days a week, and once a week. 


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Jocelyn Hsu

Three servings of whole grains

If you eat just one serving of whole grains at breakfast, lunch and dinner, you're set. Try incorporating oats, whole wheat bread, brown rice or quinoa into your meals.

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Sam Jesner

One dark leafy green

Try throwing these into your smoothie, egg scramble, salad or just adding them to your sandwich. With spinach, kale, arugula, broccoli and many more to choose from, you're sure to find a green that works for you.

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Kristine Mahan

One other vegetable

Vegetables make excellent snacks or side dishes. Following this guideline is as easy as snacking on some carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, or baby tomatoes throughout the day.

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Courtney Lailey

One ounce of nuts

Whether you prefer them raw, roasted, as nut butter or in trail mix, nuts are loaded healthy fats. Try grabbing a handful of almonds, pistachios, cashews or walnuts to tie you over between meals. 

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Alex Frank

One five-ounce glass of red wine

Yes, you read that right. Not only is a glass of red wine good for your soul, it's good your brain. Just remember to limit yourself to five ounces a day because, as always, moderation is key. 

Every Other Day

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Christin Urso

Beans or legumes

Not only are beans and legumes inexpensive, they are excellent substitutes for animal-based proteins. Fulfill this guideline with a comforting bowl of chili or hearty lentil soup.  


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Heather Feibleman


Fresh or frozen, you can't go wrong with berries. They make a great topping for pancakes or frozen yogurt. You could even mix them with that glass of red wine to make sangria.

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Christin Urso


When it comes to poultry, turkey and chicken are the most popular choices. Try swapping ground beef for ground turkey next time you make tacos or spaghetti.


salmon, seafood, fish
Jocelyn Hsu


The health benefits of fish are unmatched by any other food source. A simple filet of cod or salmon will do the trick. Personally, I'll take any excuse to eat sushi


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Antonia Drummond

Butter or Margarine 

The MIND diet allows you to eat only one tablespoon of butter or margarine each day. Instead, try incorporating olive oil for a brain-boosting source of fat.

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Jane Yeo

Cheese, Fried Food and Fast Food

These foods should be consumed no more than once per week, according to the MIND diet. This guideline may seem harsh, but so are the effects that these foods have on our brain. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

Pastries and Sweets

On the MIND diet, you should consume pastries and sweets no more than 5 times a week. Thankfully, you can indulge in some tasty treats most days of the week and still live to remember what they taste like.

Living your best life is one thing, but the best thing is to remember your life. With thoughtful food choices and moderation, you can live your best life and remember it too. That's exactly what the MIND diet is all about.