As a college student, my day begins at 8:30a.m. and doesn't finish until 10 p.m. By this point, all I want to do is lay in bed and watch episodes of Shameless on Netflix. The day is a constant cycle of class, library, coffee, class, food, repeat.

Before I know it, my day is over and I gave no time to myself. I know I am not alone when it comes to overworking and being sleep-deprived. Unfortunately, this has become the new "normal" for most of us college students and adults alike. Being mindful has fallen onto the back burner. 

15 minutes a day is all you need. Put your phone down, take your headphones out and see how you can become more mindful by elevating your mindset.

1. Be Grateful

beer, coffee
Taylor Pomerantz

It’s crazy to say this, but I never realized how amazing my life was until I left for college. The cliché saying is so true, "you don’t realize how good you have it, until it’s gone."

Every day I make sure to reflect on all that I am grateful for. This could be as simple as saying, “I am grateful because I just woke up”. Think about it, not everyone gets to wake up and feel as good as you do right now.

Don’t take your days for granted, for there are people in this world who would do anything to have your life right now.

2. Put the Phone Down

tea, coffee, beer
Taylor Pomerantz

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter can handle a couple minutes without you. 

When I walk to class it's crazy to see how many people have their eyes glued to their phones. Nature is one of the most beautiful things to be surrounded by. Walking in between classes should be the time to focus on you.

By looking around, observing other people and other things, you're giving valid time to yourself. Give your eyes a break from the bright white light of screens and enjoy the sound of the wind blowing and the birds chirping.

3. Five Minute Journal

beans, beer, tea, coffee
Taylor Pomerantz

The Five Minute Journal is the best present my brother has ever given to me. It shouldn’t even be called the Five Minute Journal because it takes less than five minutes. This journal is the easiest way to become more mindful and give time to yourself.

Every morning you wake up, you write: 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things that would make today great and 1 affirmation.

Then, every night before bed, you write: 3 amazing things that happened today and what would have made today better.

4. Meditation

2017 is the year for me. I said this to my self on December 31st, January 1st and today, I still believe the same thing. Meditating is something I never thought I would be able to do and now, I can’t imagine my life without it.

No, you don't need to buy a yoga mat, sit on a hard ground and have absolute silence when meditating. Just 15 minutes of meditation allows you to focus on what your body and your mind are capable of doing. Most importantly though, focus on what you are capable of achieving.

I recommend using the app “1 Giant Mind.” It is a guided meditation with an Australian male accent (gotta love that).

5. Be Curious

In this day in age it's hard to simply allow our minds to be curious. It is important to let your mind wander and think of all the possibilities in life - you don't always have to know all of the answers. 

Remember when you were younger and your imagination would just run wild? Try that again!

6. Go With The Flow

wine, water
Olivia Salzman

Every day the schedule is set, wake up, go to class, eat, working out, etc. Switch it up every once in a while! It is okay to stray away from what's normal. Let adventure lead the way to finding time for yourself.

7. Try Something New

tea, coffee, beer
Alyssa DiFrancesco

Routine is hard to break, but when you break it, you will most likely learn something new about yourself. Let go of your fears, cross new boundaries and just live a little. Whether you try out a different form of exercise or just spend 15 minutes reading a book, do something new for yourself.

This doesn’t seem too hard to do, right? These 7 easy ways will help you live your life and focus on you throughout these long, (and what seem to be) endless days. Learning to be mindful will never let you stray too far from admiring what matters most in life.